Chance Meeting Turns Into Change: How $26 is Sometimes All You Need to Make a Difference


"Just imagine what you can do with just $26 in the hands of a remarkable person in a place that is often neglected," Barcott said. "Tabitha shows other residents of Kibera that it's possible. You can have all the odds in the world stacked against you. You can be a widow with 3 kids and no job in the world's largest slum, yet you can also make an incredible impact."

Take the 26 Day Challenge

The Tabitha Clinic and CFK's work have inspired an army of youth leaders to take ownership in transforming the slums - whether through after-school sports program, waste management coalition or through the clinic's focus on maternal and child health.

"We just launched a 26-Day Challenge and this is a challenge where you can adjust your life in small but significant ways to reflect conditions in communities like Kibera." Barcott said adding, "I think that's important because it's a step towards empathy. It's a step towards better understanding of how the majority of the world lives and that's important so that you can be a better informed citizen of the world."

For many Americans, it is hard to imagine what life is like in one of the world's biggest slums. The comforts and luxuries we enjoy and often take for granted are never more amplified or appreciated than when we are challenged to go without them...even for a day. Such is the message of The 26 Day Challenge, a call to action issued by Barcott for Americans to adjust their lifestyles in small but significant ways for 26 days.

"Some of those challenge items involve things that require some deprivation and range from washing your clothes in a bucket of water to more communal things like cooking a meal for your neighbors even though you might not know them," Barcott told ABC News.

For those who have hectic schedules and the idea of committing for 26 days is close to impossible - there is a 24-hour option called Kibera for a Day.

People across America have been taking part in the challenge and some have sent in video of their day-to-day experience with the challenge ABC News.

The main message Barcott hopes the public will take away from the challenge and his overall journey as an agent of change is to "expose yourself to how the majority of the world lives," he urges. "And I think you'll find that it's tremendously inspiring and you'll have a better appreciation for the ways that small amounts of investments can have transformative effects in the lives of others."

Take Action: Think you have what it takes to take on The 26 Day Challenge? For more information and how you can get involved, visit The Million Moms Challenge.

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