Diane Sawyer Interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad

AHMADINEJAD: These things have to do with the judiciary. We have got laws. There is the judge. These people have got lawyers. These are not political questions. They are judicial and legal questions. In our country, we have got a detailed process of legal investigation. There are five stages of investigation with a review stage included. Of course, the judiciary has not yet announced anything. In Iran, the judiciary is independent. I would like to repeat my question to you. Were human rights considered in relation to those people who were beaten up in Pittsburgh and inhaled poisonous gas, tear gas? There are 3.5 million prisoners in America. Has the legal process been applied in relation to them or have they been arrested illegally? In proportion to the population, the number of prisoners in America is five times as much as that in Iran.

SAWYER: But not political prisoners...

AHMADINEJAD: Do the American people commit more offences or human rights are violated? Which one is true?

SAWYER: Will there be progress in the talks by the end of the year? The nuclear talks? Will you return to the talks and again discuss moving Iranian uranium out of the country or is that over, finished?

AHMADINEJAD: It depends on the other side. We don't have any problem. We are living in accordance with the law and are benefiting from our legal rights. It is them who have got problems with us.

SAWYER: But will you return to talks on nuclear issues?

AHMADINEJAD: It is them who have got problems with us.

SAWYER: Will you reconsider moving the low-level uranium out of the country to be enriched and returned to you for medical reasons?

AHMADINEJAD: Today we can produce our 20 percent fuel, but we haven't blocked the course of talks. We have declared that if they wanted, we are ready to carry on with the talks,

SAWYER: And...

AHMADINEJAD: ....just about exchanging and just about nuclear cooperations and technical cooperations, we are ready to talk. But we can produce ourselves. This is our legal right and we are determined to do it, but we haven't blocked the way for them. We provided the 5+1 with a new opportunity so that if they wanted we could negotiate. But this is not a permanent opportunity.

SAWYER: I think if I may ask one final question. You have three children; a daughter and two sons. ... Grandchildren? Too young?

AHMADINEJAD: Yes, I have got one grandchild, 5 months old, from the daughter. One son and one daughter are married now...

SAWYER: When they grow up, when this 5 month-old-baby grows up, do you hope he will ... what do you hope will be his friendship with America? America's friendship with Iran? What to you is the dream when he grows up, these two countries together?

AHMADINEJAD: We believe that if the American government changes its behavior, we don't have to wait until that child grows up. We can do away with the problems just now. But I can assure you that if the American government doesn't improve its behavior, even in 50 years time, we will have the same situation in Iran, generations after generations will remain the same. The majority of the 25 million people who voted for me are young. And most of those people who didn't vote think like me. Regarding the issue of the need for improvement in the American government behavior, the majority of the Iranian nation agree with each other.

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