House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

DIANE SAWYER: But as you know, the Republicans have been saying -- you had 65 Republicans votes weigh in on Medicare. You had 77 Republican votes on Social Security. Those were bipartisan bills. And the Republicans were out in force already this morning, Senator McCain said, "Here it comes. We're going to waste no time. We're going to fight this every step of the way, including in the Senate."

NANCY PELOSI: Just a little -- I've been doing some research on Medicare. And people who were involved in that legislation had sent me some of the records, some of the voting sheets and the rest, at the time. The fact is, is that this is more inside baseball. But the fact is the crucial vote on Medicare was a vote -- a motion to recommit. That is the vote right before the final vote. And that was the vote that would have gutted the essence of Medicare from the bill. And maybe a dozen or just a few more Republicans voted against the motion. So, this idea of what happened on final passage is not quite the story. What happened on the critical moment, the motion to recommit for us is where the Republicans can put forth their proposal. They did -- at -- at Medicare and most of them voted against Medicare on that vote. Similar last night -- on their motion to recommit, which is our biggest dread. Is what would the motion to recommit be and how can it take down this bill? We were successful in defeating it. But let the history books show that -- all that bipartisanship around Medicare -- it -- it emerged after the really decisive vote.

VIDEO: Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says majority of Americans do not support the bill.

Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

DIANE SAWYER: As you know, there was such vitriol around the capital. And also inside the room last night. We heard people saying, "This is Nancy Pelosi's one-party rule." We heard -- on the floor of the House, we heard Boehner -- we heard the Minority Leader Boehner say, "Shame on you. Shame."

NANCY PELOSI: Well, you know, some people will do anything for the insurance companies. And -- I think a good deal of -- there's some obvious feeling in the country -- that they are opposed to what the government -- increased government role in health insurance, in regulating the insurance companies. And some of that is legitimate. Some of it has been hijacked by the insurance companies, because they love the turf they've been on. The American People have been on the turf of the insurance company. Last night, the leverage changed. Now the insurance company will be on -- on -- the side of the --

VIDEO: Jake Tapper breaks down the benefits of the new legislation.

DIANE SAWYER: Do you think (unintelligible) the Minority Leader's motive?


DIANE SAWYER: Was that John --


DIANE SAWYER: His entire motive?

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