Virginia Tech Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage

Reactions among the student body at Virginia Tech this weekend seemed to range from anger and vengefulness to calls for a more measured response.

Jones told the Daily Collegian today that the controversy has sparked threats. The names of three people have been turned over to authorities for threats.

Jones also told the paper: "I would not show my face on the Virginia Tech campus now. They might actually murder me. Apparently, violence is the answer."

On the posting board for a Virginia Tech Facebook group called People Against This Costume, which by Sunday afternoon listed nearly 3,500 members, one student wrote, "Only a callous and insensitive individual would believe it's 'all in good fun' to mock the deaths of innocent people. He can have his infamy, along with the hatred and resentment of thousands that see him for what he is -- an attention whore."

Another student called on her peers to rise above it all.

"Let's not worry about them," she wrote. "We're stronger than this, they've got YEARS of growing up to do and one day they'll realize the insensitivity of their actions."

She continued proudly, "We are better than immaturity, we are better than ignorance, WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH!!!"

Ken Stanton, the administrator of the Virginia Tech Facebook group and a graduate student at the university, told ABC News that while distasteful, the Halloween costumes don't represent a larger rift between students at the two schools.

"If anything, Penn State is our close ally," said Stanton, who lost a friend in the spring shootings. "Especially after April. They were there for us so much."

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