Transcript: Former Sen. George Mitchell's Press Briefing on Doping in Baseball

Gibson: But…but was what we saw, up 'til 2002 when baseball banned steroids -- much later, when they got after Human Growth Hormone -- was what we were seeing a level playing field?

Mitchell: Well, Charlie, here is the problem in, in all of life. Hindsight is perfect. You and I sitting here, as we approach 2008, have the benefit of everything that's happened since 2002, since 1998, since 1986. And we can make judgments, that people then couldn't see. I pointed out in the report that I myself, as Senate Majority Leader, didn't stand up to oppose a bill that made changes that have had an effect on this situation that I now wish I had done.

Gibson: Hmmm.

Mitchell: …and I am sure you, and everybody watching this broadcast, has a similar experience. You can spend your life agonizing over the past. But you gotta concentrate on the future. That's what I think baseball should do -- concentrate on the future; deal with the issue now to present it…prevent it in the future. And that'll be the best way to deal with failures of the past.

Gibson: Your report quotes Fay Vincent, the former Commissioner of Baseball, in saying that he thought "this was the worst crisis for the game since the Black Sox cheating scandal in 1919." Do you agree with that?

Mitchell: He has a much better knowledge and grasp of that than I do. I have great respect for him. I have talked to him in this investigation. I interviewed him. But one of the problems with investigations of this type, Charlie -- in which I have been engaged on many occasions -- is the temptation to go beyond what you are asked to do. I was asked to look into what happened, and to report on it. And I have done that, and made recommendations to deal with it in the future. And I think beyond that, I shouldn't go.

Gibson: Sen. Mitchell, I appreciate it. Thanks very much.

Mitchell: Thanks, Charlie. Good to talk to you. Take care, Charlie.

Gibson: OK. Thank you.

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