YOU ASKED, WE ANSWERED: Ro'ya Answered Your Questions About Sexual Equality, 9-11

Ro'ya Zanaty, featured in Bill Weir's story which aired this past Monday, responded to some of our viewers' questions. She also responded to over 60 of your Facebook messages. Read responses to viewers' questions below:

chatsquad asked: "how did ABC news pick you for that interview ? I'd love to hear that ... and again , I'm really proud of you . God bless you."

Ro'ya answered: "my colleague at work has a brother who works for abc news and he was calling to ask if she knows of any 21-year-olds coz for her university happens that i am passing in front of her and she asks 'how old are u?' and i am like, 'i turn 21 tomorrow' and i guess the rest is history =))"

CallsignArrow asked: "You and your friends speak very good English, with almost an American accent. Where did you learn to speak English?"

Ro'ya answered: "i used to go to a british school since kindergarden infact as a child my english was getting way much better than my arabic that my parents decided to make me attend two english one and an arabic one."

JonMPa asked: "What opinions or advice does she have for Americans thinking of traveling to nations such as Egypt?"

Ro'ya answered: "ur coming to a country that has over 5,000 years of culture and history so make the most outta the experience... and there is A LOT more to egypt than the pyramids and sphynx and even cairo.... do ur research before coming and Egypt has something to offer for absolutly matter what ur intrests are."

escargo14 asked: what would happen if you fell in love with a non-Muslim, non-Egyptian man?

Ro'ya answered: "if hes a non-Muslim then nothing could happen unless he converts if he wants to. if not, then we go our seperate ways. if he is a non-Egyptian than thats great...halleluiah...finally a man worth falling in love with =)) in other words the nationality makes absolutly zero difference.

CHUCKMITZY asked: "Roya you seem nice. I don't like the eight year Bush term and what it done to the world. I also don't like the way many foreign countries including Egypt for decades have blackmailed the United States for financial support. We give billions of US dollars each year because we know if we don't we will have trouble with these countries. I wish we would stop the aid money because we get no respect from the populations anyway. Don't you agree?"

Ro'ya answered: "When i referred to America as a jock, i was talking about its muscle flexing that its doing right for the 'totally useless nation,' i meant that in the long run coz i dont think the ppl themselves want to continue like that and with an administration that follows that sorta regime. and as a result of that muscle flexing between Reagan, George Bush Sr., and George Bush Jr. the States is now in a national debt of nine trillion US dollars....dont tell me that if that continues, u'll be better for the billions of dollars in U.S. foreign and humanitarian aid to Egypt, if the states is already in that much national debt, i see that stopping or minimizing considerably in the very near future. (then again that is just my opinion i am NOT an expert in politics, nor in the humanitarian aid program)."

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