Transcript: Top Security Officials Talk With Diane Sawyer About the Nation's Safety


JANET NAPOLITANO: Well, domestic-- cargo-- domestic cargo-- has essentially been solved. The issue about international cargo is much more complicated. But we-- have already-- put in place, and we're putting into place prior to October-- some people say we were just reacting to the-- toner cartridge-- threat that happened at the end of October. The plain fact of the matter is that-- we've been working on cargo all along. But it's-- it's-- an area where-- we have-- substantially improved-- cargo that's leaving from abroad, that's come to the United States. But there are so many places that cargo comes from abroad, that that's an ever-- ever-- how do I say this. As-- as-- as John would indicate-- it's something that really requires cooperation with our international partners. Something that we are continuing to work on.

DIANE SAWYER: Nuclear power sites?

JANET NAPOLITANO: Nuclear power sites-- we have--



DIANE SAWYER: What about computers? Because, again, we keep reading report after report that says that you still have to go to six or seven different computers. You cannot do a comprehensive search engine in order to gather in one place everything about somebody who might be a suspected terrorist. And-- in the world of Steven Jobs, and Larry Ellis, and-- and Mark Zuckerberg, you keep hearing people say in ten years, we can't get a search engine that can unify information on a terrorist.

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, we have made a lot of-- that's-- that's a valid point. And, again, we've made-- a lot of improvement in that. Certainly, much more so than-- was the case ten years ago. In fact, that's-- that's one of the very reasons that I occupy was-- was established. But-- this is-- is a very complex issue, involving-- all forms of information, which must take due regard for the protection of civil liberties. So, when we have databases that have-- any information on U.S. persons, we have to be very, very careful, and we are meticulous about protecting the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. So, there's vast array of information that John alluded to-- and a sea of data has to be very-- we have to be very meticulous, very conscientious about-- that aspect. And that is one of the complexities of having one single search engine. And, of course, one could argue that-- if we did, would-- would that facilitate another WikiLeaks leaker.

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