Transcript: Top Security Officials Talk With Diane Sawyer About the Nation's Safety


DIANE SAWYER: The arrests in London. Have any particular insight? Give new insight into terrorist activities and particularly the threat of coming here?

JAMES CLAPPER: I think-- what-- what occurred in London were the arrests was illustrative this is a global threat. It is-- one that we work-- closely with our allies on. There has been reporting of a heightened-- concern in Europe. And this is just a manifestation of that. The-- and the British-- the British government took the appropriate action.

DIANE SAWYER: It appeared to be-- appeared to be-- native Bangladesh citizens, I believe, the 12 who were arrested. Any clue in that?

JANET NAPOLITANO: As far as I know, they-- we have not yet-- any connection between those arrests and any threat-- to the homeland, or to the United States. But as Director Clapper said, we're in constant contact with our colleagues-- in the U.K. on-- on these types of matters. Because there's-- great information that goes back and forth all the time.

JOHN BRENNAN: The British are very good in terms of their vigilance, and they move-- at a time when they think it's best to prevent an attack. There are also excellent partners as far as sharing information with us. And so, we have been in touch with them through the day to get the details about the individuals. Many of them were British citizens. Some came from south Asian-- backgrounds. And this is what we're going to be working with them over the next several days, to see whether or not there's any relation to any of these other threat streams that we're seeing out there. But at this point, I think the British feel good that they were able to get these individuals, bring them into-- the-- the legal system-- and to protect the British people.

DIANE SAWYER: Any sense of how many attacks they were planning? What kinds?

JOHN BRENNAN: I will leave it to the British-- to-- talk about-- the activities that these individuals were engaged in. But--

DIANE SAWYER: But again, no indication that-- that it was-- that it had a U.S. component?

JOHN BRENNAN: At this point-- we're working very much with the British. But-- it would be preliminary-- at best at this point-- to say anything about-- what their investigation might reveal.

DIANE SAWYER: And again, I thank you, and I hope you all have a safe, and really happy holiday.

JOHN BRENNAN: Thank you.


DIANE SAWYER: A great one.


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