Transcript: Top Security Officials Talk With Diane Sawyer About the Nation's Safety


JANET NAPOLITANO: Well, one of the things we do and have been doing is working with the mall association-- providing training to, for example, mall employees. And we've been doing that over the last year. So that they're alert. It goes to the-- to the See Something, Say Something theme that we have. And-- making them part of our security team. So we've worked with, for example, the Mall of America-- to-- train their staffs and others throughout the country. DIANE SAWYER: Director Clapper, I wanted to ask-- about homegrown terrorism. Thirty-five homegrown terrorists-- and I know that there are lots of different ways of counting in the last 18 months. We just decided-- and I trust the IPAP (PH). We just decided to go on and look, write down the number of YouTube opportunities there are to go on and tap into an—al-Awlaki video. Urging jihad.


DIANE SAWYER: What can you do about this? We-- on the assumption that some of these thousand-- 11,181 viewers are people who actually intend to hurt people? What do you do about that?

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, to John's point. This is-- an illustration of another facet of-- what these-- extremist-- militants are doing to try to-- incite people and try to enlist them. And certainly-- we have to be-- we have to be mindful of that. Identify-- identifying so-called self-radicalization is-- unquestionably a-- tough problem. This is another case where we need this extensive network of-- people to include-- state and local law enforcement and alert and inform citizenry to-- alert us to this.

DIANE SAWYER: But what do we do about the-- the infinity that could be coming over the horizon? I mean, if we're-- if we are-- are there enough stings in America? Are there enough family members, are the enough members of the Muslim community who can keep us advised of what appears to be now a brand new era of homegrown terrorism?

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, one of the things we've-- we've done-- we collectively has-- has been an outreach program. So, we are in dialogue with-- with the Muslim-- community. And that is what-- that is going to be a source of-- advice, counsel, and wisdom, as well as-- hopefully alerting us to-- to those-- among their number who are-- professing-- radical views.

DIANE SAWYER: As you know-- we've been looking at a series of Washington Post articles which say, there is simply an overwhelming number of agencies. That is not possible for any one person to be able to coordinate them. We made a poster of what was revealed to everybody a year ago. All of the agencies reporting and trying to coordinate, and simple human nature seems to be saying that it's impossible to have 12,000 government agencies, 2,000 private companies, 10,000 locations. And actually coordinate in a coherent and a smart way national intelligence.

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