Kids' Choice Awards: Which Stars Got Slimed?

Nickelodeon awards show leaves some celebrities in a sticky situation.
4:00 | 03/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kids' Choice Awards: Which Stars Got Slimed?
Now for the skinny usually -- stories are really fun -- gonna start off with. Some kind of sad news the -- from the twilight movies you played the character Alice -- actually green there was a higher in her Condo over the weekend. Claimed the life of one of her dogs this is really -- that picture ever -- she played Alice it's one of Edwards. Sister used them with a psychic abilities and your baby though -- like fanned out -- -- This so this was -- in Hollywood over the weekend around 9:30 in the morning she was in -- third floor. You -- it with her boyfriend the fire broke out she was able to make it out -- one of her dogs. Survived but they weren't able to save another one of the dogs some sad news -- this is. Called courtesy of a team disease and our planes are there. Let's lighten it up a little bit the end kids choice awards -- familiar with -- -- -- at 90 yeah she's familiar with those. Well the kids' choice awards just took place adjuster -- -- -- was the host okay at any rate you know how people -- -- on the kids' choice awards only after analysts here we got to ask Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah yeah. A little -- -- -- -- -- Again choking in the shape of -- -- -- -- -- and speaking -- winners besides. -- and Sandra didn't -- they didn't win anything but they did present winners. Kristen Stewart recognized for her role in the Twilight Saga breaking dawn to she got a hug from -- and got messy in the process. She also -- on for the prize for favorite female kicker for her role of Snow White and the Huntsman who favored the you know what. -- -- -- go mess you want me yep favorite TV actress for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place on the same -- her plus heavy film spring breakers opened nationwide today go. And climbed the bar humans like I've been I have personally I've been -- -- them. And actually -- go to -- yeah -- -- say it but it's not as messy as you think it's almost like you know like yo you're with can -- at all. He had maybe I had a better -- thank you might not an option might have been better OK so of course we've got to talk about and Lohan what now yeah. Jar -- mug shot I know that no this -- it is another disaster this one at the box office OK so. She is in this morning I have ever heard -- it's -- -- OK if it's. Appropriate comedy so this -- I guess we're into saleable inappropriate sassy there that this movie only -- 172000. Dollars that's -- That's not very much money 172000. Dollars and it -- -- the guy who directed he'll know him yeah this guy I love this jam while. Remember he's talking want that guy for hours I don't know why there's something about -- just -- sucked right in. Iowa again and showed only brought in 625. Dollars for every theater showed -- -- -- and Iraq. And stand how excited at night or otherwise. And student Schambach commercial then that movie and I guess a lot of people agreement but. But he did -- -- -- -- can't -- movie I'm then -- you know what we're gonna skip the next morning all right Michael Jackson guess what we're talking about the moon walk here was thirty years ago. On March 25 1983. Guest Michael Jackson and -- into the moon -- he left I. Larry you did he can't -- likes to say that he did the same thing in the thirties the -- supporters that portray someone doing something nearly identical. The moonwalk it's in 1983 that was dancer -- -- but you imagine 1983. That was when Jackson visited the Motown 25 taping. And that like put -- way over the tops of super cool. Very cool but they don't -- never know -- Latin. I opened my eyes yeah. I can you do it and you're always -- If I knew in 1983 assessor Leon OK yeah I don't -- and figure out.

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{"id":18806092,"title":"Kids' Choice Awards: Which Stars Got Slimed?","duration":"4:00","description":"Nickelodeon awards show leaves some celebrities in a sticky situation.","url":"/WNN/video/2013-kids-choice-awards-stars-get-slimed-18806092","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}