Adam Levine Defends 'I Hate This Country' Remark

"The Voice" judge said the comment was "purely out of frustration" over the elimination vote.
4:00 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adam Levine Defends 'I Hate This Country' Remark
Todd Leitz anytime and animal means in some hot water. Not a good thing to say. On the show the voice he said that. I hate this country -- weeks he made these comments he -- them after things didn't go his way for somebody -- team and basically was picked up. Any any issued an apology but basically the Maroon 5 singer was overheard muttering. I hate this country -- ousted two of his contestants on Tuesday night and he faced some patriotic backlash which you can imagine you know -- what you wanna hear -- watching the show. But he issued a statement saying I obviously love my country very much my -- last -- were made purely out of frustration. Being part of the voice I am passionately invested in my team I wanna see my part of succeed. So I guess -- -- blow off steam -- the continent. But his daughter's right here that senate does voting and get everybody in the cart them off and he was -- seven he was -- but not that didn't say anything about him. Good morning. Statements well I guess -- that's at least angry well except that everybody messes up its most. Clinton is -- this is -- how does that work today -- together and breaking happened to get back together and back not together again over and over an -- -- entire four year romance well now apparently according to us -- it is over and done what could -- no warrant they are. In this -- down. I don't know if you remember this -- just a couple of New Orleans Brothers Chris and Luke they -- an intervention whether younger sibling to voice their concerns about the need their concerns over the engagement that the -- Harrison. And they must still works they called it quits this is no more -- is often they have gone their separate ways -- -- really -- -- -- mean and they lasted for years which is an eternity in Hollywood so -- They've accomplished a lot of -- help -- here we knew that agent you're off and on and off and on maybe it's just a good thing. Yeah now on there yeah Bryant -- you know we -- magazine -- -- right all right. Victoria's Secret and Kate Upton go about it again according to the posts -- page six the twenty year old model less than pleased that some old photos of -- Have now been featured in the new catalog. But these photos from the past so she wasn't expecting it that -- this. Sports Illustrated. -- -- -- that's not what -- -- you might remember. He was up pretty angry when she saw that in the comments were made that she's really not -- what they say they dissed her and said that that they would never use her for Victoria's Secret show the -- look. Too obvious. So you know she thought that they had parting ways and -- the nicest things that she sees herself. Pop up some pictures in 2011 currently seven. Not a good idea victorious again apparently they had asked for permission to use those pictures and and whether or not they have to I don't know months. I guess at that point they took the pictures they -- that we signed released. She's beautiful girl she can grace the cover any magazine and people -- -- -- -- -- just for that -- First he is selling his Beverly Hills mansion really -- while paying it but but. I'm 22 million dollars in the pictures -- Babylon area in the -- this. -- eleven bathrooms about it in 2004 for nine million dollars and dignity. The ultimate change here this is 101000 square feet. It's spitting distance from the Beverly Hills Hotel so very desirable location. We had a tennis court we have a pool -- a stone -- we have arched glass doors. I don't -- -- Guinness names like to continue excellent in that -- -- you can't returning to. Or 22 million dollars that can be yours not -- for the work we ought -- There have been some overtime -- I'm there. -- -- -- And -- to make it's beautiful and there's no way we can afford -- buy that stock. Thoughtful way that overcome conquering Mount Everest that is so 2012 Harry and it didn't do it huge. You're watching world news now and we'll be right back. --

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{"id":19285455,"title":"Adam Levine Defends 'I Hate This Country' Remark","duration":"4:00","description":"\"The Voice\" judge said the comment was \"purely out of frustration\" over the elimination vote. ","url":"/WNN/video/adam-levine-defends-hate-country-remark-19285455","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}