Al Ferri Celebrates 50 Years at ABC News

World News Now congratulates Al Ferri's five decades of service to the ABC Television Network.
2:37 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for Al Ferri Celebrates 50 Years at ABC News
Celebrating an extraordinary milestone this morning it's been reached by someone we want you to now. Al -- is here and he supervises are -- operation over here on the overnight. And he had been with world news now since the very first show back in 1992. Congratulations. Thank you very much that's impressive in itself -- but what we're really celebrating tonight. Is this Alice -- ABC. Fifty. Years anniversary was yesterday congratulations. -- You look fantastic not only there but here fifty years and ABC entry must've -- -- a lot of different hats over the years you've seen changes that really would just. Bob -- mind I'm sure. When I first thought -- -- most of the network was black white it was just transitioning into color at that time so was a pretty big deal and also done a lot of traveling. I did I travel for the company extensively I did a lot of political conventions. Works. Of the late. But -- the 1980s. Lake Placid Olympics. And I did the first -- shuttle take -- -- from Florida. There's one story in particular and Lake Placid that you think is the most interesting that you experienced here at ABC please share. Well I got to Lake Placid I was told that we were staying and a very nice. Condominium. And a lot of people didn't have such good accommodations. And the guys that I was staying with told me that they had found the young woman. Who was coming from the Washington bureau and she was going to stay with us -- -- -- -- for a couple of weeks. And the Olympics and didn't know one -- -- -- much about it but -- 25 years later somebody sent me a photo. Which we did looked closely -- and realize that the young person was Katie Couric. That's amazing right there -- Katie Couric I think. Pretty awesome country have so many stories. But we have some folks here to -- Somalis say congratulations to you out. I want to. And here I can't create taking a look at -- yeah yeah. It's also you. Who do you think that's already out all we can -- -- can't -- of course you have to realize how a tree house. We appreciate everything that you've done for the company congratulations Doug and dig -- everybody.

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{"id":23773641,"title":"Al Ferri Celebrates 50 Years at ABC News","duration":"2:37","description":"World News Now congratulates Al Ferri's five decades of service to the ABC Television Network.","url":"/WNN/video/al-ferri-celebrates-50-years-abc-news-23773641","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}