America's Money: Wall Street Stock Surge

Also in business news: AT&T in talks to buy DirecTV; Michael Sam jersey helps NFL store.
1:05 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for America's Money: Wall Street Stock Surge
America's number one. Good morning topping American money new records for Wall Street. All major US markets bounced higher Monday the Dow and S&P both closed at record highs in the NASDAQ which has been suffering from a correction in tech stocks rose nearly 2%. AT&T is reportedly in talks to buy DirecTV for about fifteen billion dollars making it a big part of the pay TV industry. The mega deal would follow the Comcast Time Warner deal struck earlier this year. And GM is making it easier than ever for drivers -- since the end that launching a built in broadband connection on more than thirty vehicles. By the end of this year users will be charged a monthly data fee for the service starting at just. Five dollars. And sales of Michael -- Jersey -- and it sells online -- scored the biggest draft weekend in history. The openly gay -- -- by Branson's Jersey is the number two -- since the jump behind only Johnnie Mandell. That's America's money and Diana her.

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{"id":23692169,"title":"America's Money: Wall Street Stock Surge","duration":"1:05","description":"Also in business news: AT&T in talks to buy DirecTV; Michael Sam jersey helps NFL store.","url":"/WNN/video/americas-money-wall-street-stock-surge-23692169","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}