One-Armed Weightlifter Finds Strength After Accident

Krystal Cantu, 26, had her arm amputated after being involved in a car accident last year.
2:47 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for One-Armed Weightlifter Finds Strength After Accident
But -- -- on this Monday in an inspirational story next to kick us out here -- -- weightlifting woman from Texas 25 years old. She says she could lift 200 pounds -- both hands. -- -- an accident happened fascism and lifted with one -- people look. There she is this is crystal can't you. She was in a really bad car accident she lost her right -- there had to be amputated. And now she has not only recovered from that accident but she is -- behind. Proving to herself that she could do something she couldn't do before with two walks -- hands. Incredible -- about -- -- stop there he hopes to compete professionally in the cross that -- So onto another adorable story let's talk about a mother and a daughter who everyone has their own version of the frozen songs they've got there there -- thinking -- -- Disney. Animated film in this one and they are just adorable you have to see this. To believe it. It's crazy -- business owners and listening that's what I was gonna say yeah. And sometimes I'm green. -- little -- and her mom Audrey mark so. Her mom said that she posted this on FaceBook originally after seeing a lot of negative stuff out there just wanted to put out some positive well. In posted on YouTube and it went. Viral more than 800000. People have you. So far she's making a smile this -- -- if -- ever -- rendition on Broadway initiative. Tapped -- for a position that well. Speaking of entertainment if you simply can not wait for your delivery pizza to come -- you're watching a movie how to stop -- by -- pizza vending machine. Well there's only wannabes it's called the pizza GO it's only available in Sydney Australia but. It only takes three minutes there it is for the machine that pop out people blazing hot stone then best. That is going to -- -- there is a it's hot salami -- Margarita cost -- twelve bucks. 40000. Dollar machine but that was all those are very good. Too bad as bad as you know what I expected it coming out there -- -- don't actually -- that on college campuses that's just. Someday someday and you know we started on an inspirational -- -- and -- went to a Pennsylvania woman who was down and out on her -- -- single mom she is now. Helping out -- -- -- forward she was given a boost up by a couple that she had met given a ride. And now she wants to pay it forward and give others the opportunity giving them furniture and putting them in touch with the people. That helped her so he's given back some of the excess donations that she got into her started FaceBook -- right to your -- Need more proof that somebody whose people are always the most generous.

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{"id":25019002,"title":"One-Armed Weightlifter Finds Strength After Accident","duration":"2:47","description":"Krystal Cantu, 26, had her arm amputated after being involved in a car accident last year.","url":"/WNN/video/armed-weightlifter-finds-strength-accident-25019002","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}