'Bachelorette' Down to Final Four

The wooing moves to Belgium as four suitors remain for Andi.
3:55 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' Down to Final Four
-- -- -- Any time and we start with something I've never been involved and that's -- -- -- -- -- -- weekly update on the ABC -- the bachelorette and joining -- as usual. It's our world news now we've -- so many analysts Jack she can't. I was late because I was -- -- my hair done it looks at it -- -- No unfortunately no this is natural. Speaking -- natural. There -- six guys involved. -- started the program last night. We're in Belgium speak you build -- don't -- ironically enough right. First it was what the analysts picked to win the whole thing markets. Excuse me there walking around in Brussels. There are. Eating chocolate. They're having muscles in Brussels they were drinking beer there's no rose on the on the one on one dates in in last night's episode. Not to worry. Markets -- strong he was emotionally was open to the whole process. Baucus is gonna do all right the analysts pick. Still alive really still. No doubt it so Marcus gets back to the hotel room and that's when now. -- swings into action actually lied to get in these. The hotel room number of they want to going outside the hotel listed in restaurants he's laid it on thick even saying stuff like. I'm going to marry you. -- Itself. We'll see how that goes. Next morning the second one on one date -- Josh M. Once again there was walking around they were eating with Josh and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the gotten out conned out there -- they're eating chocolate all of this kind of stuff they went pretty well and Josh is. He's hanging in there -- -- put it that way. Then there was the the group date. This is a group date here they they got on this thing cold there it is. The rail bike so -- these guys are peddling their brains out kind of thing and there's and -- sitting there in only the queen. There with a four of them on there and he steals away Chris she's the former from Iowa they go do some pottery Chris make some moves. Ultimately when it comes out to a there was a rose on the group date nick. V. Got the rose we will also be you know he's because if you did it for exercise was for the FBI is is -- -- appreciated anyway. -- count -- tell kids count. These kids count. Is what's like it was in past weeks at a discount will stop at. Six. Spent six foot three -- sorry yeah she's been averages six a week. So not the worst rose ceremony comes along okay nickel already had his. Had his -- also getting the roses Josh. Markets. And Chris. Dylan and Brian no roses for them they were ousted next week on the bachelorette. For hometown visits the final four -- -- analysts are getting on the record okay United States to OK Belgium one. -- -- out September 30 C -- figured that to happen. There's a new honor for a sexy star of the silver screen People Magazine has crowned Joseph Maddon mellow. As it's highly hottest Hollywood bachelor. 37 year old Pittsburgh native -- -- -- on HBO's true blood. And is set to reprise his role as a stripper the upcoming magic -- sequel of the eighties. Just for the record he is available and being part -- -- and he warns that he is passionate. And hot and eleven. I'll leave you with back.

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{"id":24375707,"title":"'Bachelorette' Down to Final Four","duration":"3:55","description":"The wooing moves to Belgium as four suitors remain for Andi.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-final-24375707","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}