A Capella Performance of Video Game Music

A new viral video shows a man singing all the parts of the "Super Mario Bros." music.
2:54 | 06/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Capella Performance of Video Game Music
Now it's time for not mix it. All right starting here with a guy who seems all the parts of the Super Mario games on. After -- lock out now he does every single thing this sounds like it somehow. Engineered. But it's not -- -- -- -- -- And he did everything himself and just a few days he has all sorts -- video games including my old time favorites alleging that a -- that. -- on the pretty incredible stuff you can find all on -- I feel like a look he's rock and though I can't look past the fear that along here named -- the -- even better Mac smooth next smooth -- cool. -- -- -- -- here in the same -- I love it. And so our next story think morning in just a boy zone government and the actions of a six year old girls were featured the TriBeCa film festival you see that -- -- around. And Sierra -- call them so that code pink helmet popped the there have impressive skateboarding tricks to -- -- -- -- to -- their email and they're really into which they want to -- girls into skateboarding they have their own website you can -- pink -- -- accessories. And there even tutorials on there some girls can really get into it -- -- -- the next -- they say they're about 200 people roughly almost better. -- in these games only 33 of them. Our girls -- one -- that number but pretty amazing basically it is unlikely event they want -- I -- -- -- of his skateboard like yeah there are evidently. I love you. I move on now -- like dogs tonight's game groans with a combination of you plugs and game a -- time around I'm still lives. Now this looks -- do you honestly doesn't because it's. Amazing. He's got -- -- dressed. -- basically their whole lives would look like all your favorite characters like -- for -- the end. -- as a sectarian and John Snow that's pretty good yeah they look pretty good now this. And -- well done -- actually featured. That all of us. How badly the guys like that -- -- those -- when there is coming. There is coming -- Love it I love it well up in a park ranger loses his job then they say there won't -- important. Check at a dancing moves he that it doesn't mock parade and a mobile -- will. Yeah look at that but it winds that pounded them. Do you -- I am -- -- hair that's just gratuitous fat -- the bears' cover your eyes the children they did. Did appreciate it he got. -- but. He would fight back there's -- FaceBook page saying bring back Darrell Nelson and dancing park ranger. Almost 500 supporters. And he said he's not gonna take this job. Going down lined out hopefully he won't be. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":24293685,"title":"A Capella Performance of Video Game Music","duration":"2:54","description":"A new viral video shows a man singing all the parts of the \"Super Mario Bros.\" music.","url":"/WNN/video/capella-performance-video-game-music-24293685","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}