Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral

A prankster in a dinosaur costume scares people in a park.
2:55 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral
All right it's time for the mix now. Dinosaurs have been state testing for awhile I'd been under understandable -- not when you might be a little scared up scattered franks. He is -- -- fall and many. I'm joggers and walkers runner. -- -- but the dinosaur -- out there yeah. Alert people -- it's amazing right -- and dinosaur in the brain doesn't say he's back. But it is related to heart I don't look good afternoon in the rain all observers here and I thought that was -- and Great Britain because of dogs got loose it like that that that is to happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this lady who was -- back. We're not gonna touch your bag -- yeah. Let me get a dollar. Pretty -- check out some of those viral video kites for kite boarders. Performing some death defying gravity defying stunts their action shots of them. Moon -- and somersaults 360 all for these tight quarters on this video's gone viral cure and up to date. 2014 high winds competition takes place and -- -- From July 1 to July 7 have you ever done that one wasn't. You know I didn't never Ben's kite -- I don't I don't think I ever well but I was surprised to see that this comes just been going out for 28 yeah 1987. It seems to be one of those new extreme sport I -- him. It's -- our country go okay here's one for you with senior prank -- school the seniors at Santa Barbara high school in California decided to. Hire -- Mary actually down to follow the principle around all the airlines he tried to go about it. Apparently everybody was. Continues says. -- gunmen. I would actually what that. Yeah yeah -- -- that's about those that didn't like yeah Sierra. They have a little next morning when -- okay. Listen to -- everybody got to not let. -- don't any of the bands that play when you sit down. All right bull. Has taken the Internet by storm and he's quite photogenic -- can understand why check about look at him VMware's accessories very good according to his owner recent French -- blog -- -- -- a 185000. Followers he's named boss. Just three years old lives in Sweden. And that he's really taken the prayer by storm again mr. Obama to check that out of -- loved wonderful. When he has been apparently at the owner swears that he thinks the dog poses these.

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{"id":24004254,"title":"Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral","duration":"2:55","description":"A prankster in a dinosaur costume scares people in a park.","url":"/WNN/video/dinosaur-prank-viral-24004254","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}