Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors?

A Time magazine article shows that the popular cereal Froot Loops all taste the same.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors?
Right next time a story that really spoke to me this morning and that's almost breakfast time that it speaks to you fruit loops can help me out I. -- heights where I have always wondered if in fact. You know he's taste different -- individual lose -- couple lived to tell point one elected -- Which -- noticed much -- the friends bingo. And apparently -- the time magazine dot com article that quotes the people -- -- beast and they didn't test and they have found out that in fact. Consultants say what you really look at Madison. Different blue -- and all that it does say it's great flavor and -- -- I didn't know I don't know if you really look at it doesn't think it's not even real free and write to us. So they go -- -- is a great quote from the people approve -- in their words each -- doesn't back taste like mildly sweet cardboard. Net global -- negligible or no difference between them in more shocking breakfast news they also found -- taste of tricks and Fruity Pebbles. The -- similar results. Florida in the case I -- think it is -- by the way. And yet exactly right Tucker I don't know as I don't know beside his picture this -- gotten really big on social media. In Sochi Russia -- journalists at this picture of -- toilets. I nice guy no divider. -- I think they are paid not commonplace in Russia but there are other places where this actually exists against. There side by side toilets at a courthouse in the cafe. On an editor of a news agency -- precious said that they're actually -- -- at Russian soccer stadiums but. If they went ahead and fix this one and I would replace the bulls with three wooden cabinets. -- that not to get too graphic here but medics used it like being lines of journals OK that's fine he and I want but it. Down EMI you know little I don't see anyone you have to look at the person and I yeah I don't want to keep the divider there it's a little country he's got weird enough. You're so right. Good point -- write about apple -- flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan here take a look it's pretty pretty wonderful like everything apple does. Beautiful so gorgeous that glass right at its iconic pretty much. -- well after the snowstorm take a look at the same day. If you look closely to the left side -- your screen and believe I'm saying it right you can -- that pain is missing. And shattered look at that that word is and we don't have a virtual confirmation was this but that's the word from several of people who were out there at the scene at a snowblower. Accidentally knocked in and shattered one of those large glass -- clearly one of the flawed about -- is gone itself apparently snowboard -- probably -- pretty good. But if you do the math and folks at nine to five Mac dot com did the math. And they say it would cost roughly 450000. Dollars to fix this glass -- Well I did last time you buy your iPhone that I saw where the money is -- -- and that's where the money can apparently backing for -- sounds good looks the same that it.

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{"id":21633758,"title":"Do Froot Loops Have Different Flavors?","duration":"3:00","description":"A Time magazine article shows that the popular cereal Froot Loops all taste the same.","url":"/WNN/video/froot-loops-flavors-21633758","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}