Goodbye Selfies, Hello 'Dronies'

A San Francisco entrepreneur has invented a way to take pictures of yourself with a drone.
1:25 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Goodbye Selfies, Hello 'Dronies'
The next set up -- all terror specialists JJ watt you know. Lot of Havoc on the field he is one nice guy got a lot of nice guy tendencies his latest act of how nice guy and this is a video that he put together for a bad name Trace. US downs in German trade got into a little jam saying that he was buddies would JJ watt well JJ -- made sure that we've put together a video that they can post -- -- -- -- -- That that Arab money -- friend take -- -- I'm going to Iraq this my body strength and although -- you don't really great. By the way -- got a heck of a normal -- by the way that was that he ran -- And I think this was a -- -- -- skipper -- -- think Peter Brady told what was friends that he knew Joseph name isn't -- and they became so it's almost like clicks and real. -- -- -- That on to this now it is time to oversell -- copies of the and of course now there's an entrepreneur has separate San Francisco insane isn't -- good he is he owns a photo accessory store -- I don't Jim Kelly and he has created. -- -- -- -- Very narrow its custody shot from about three shot from John -- -- -- -- -- -- like drugs and did drawings of people.

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{"id":23375319,"title":"Goodbye Selfies, Hello 'Dronies'","duration":"1:25","description":"A San Francisco entrepreneur has invented a way to take pictures of yourself with a drone.","url":"/WNN/video/goodbye-selfies-dronies-23375319","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}