Hillary Clinton is 'Most Fascinating' of 1993 and 2013

The former secretary of state is named "Most Fascinating" of 2013 by Barbara Walters.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton is 'Most Fascinating' of 1993 and 2013
All right -- Barbara walters' most fascinating person 2013. Canyon yes. She was topped the list twenty years ago the very first year the list was compiled and it does the later. This year right isn't it amazing -- and -- -- Very legendary cool yeah absolutely and of course -- it's fascinating to so many reasons vote. One of the biggest reasons of course -- -- -- -- try to run for president again. And she batted around with Barbara Walters and basically said that. She's not sure. But she's waiting patiently to make that decision that she's enjoying time just hanging out and watching movies and you know catching her breath. Sew up the wait and see if she actually just. But let's listen up. I have to push -- the answer about whether -- -- -- might run for president I haven't made up my mind I have really have not I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision you know sometime next year art. Unemployment that she runs. -- -- -- here Colin. That's just my personal opinion but yes certainly good pick by the way we wanna give props to. What -- our -- make analyst Robin Roberts some and a her fascinating. And inspiring story your battle with cancer just her amazing skiers and triumphant -- fantastic so congratulations to -- -- as well. That's very. All -- -- look on said the -- dynasty. National Robertson who happens to be the founder of the duck commander which is the family business of the duck calls that made them so popular and got -- the show on -- He has been suspended from the series because of some inflammatory comments that he made about gay people to GQ magazine. This is coming out in the January issue and essentially what he -- it. Is that your -- your refer to gay people as a homosexual offenders. Who would not inherit the kingdom of god and then went on to say I'm not gonna say the words -- they're. I don't -- that traffic -- They said. That what is. Yeah downstairs parts are more desirable that demands. Yeah -- -- -- And then it said today saying it's not logical -- managed just not logical. So he has been suspended. Very lucrative series this has been by the way it it's 89 point six million viewers. In. In certain age groups 15 point five million viewers in other age groups I mean that the amount of money that this is making for a -- -- It's incredible the family an avid self there's twenty of them they make 200000 dollars per episode so that's 101000 dollars an episode he's not going to make. He will appear in the first couple episodes of the season because they're all in the can are -- but in the new season there will come a point Williams stop seeing Phil Robertson. Patriarch slash founder of this company. Because of those comments -- to GQ could be implemented it was a it was a and -- in -- -- on it in a magazine it was an off the -- isn't. Just kept going -- -- and Dolan and going if you read that the text of that you're just sort of fascinated that at some point it is just don't go you know maybe just stop or -- -- -- it's not like your being -- being taped any you can stop at any point. It's a print interviews and trying to get out -- also coming with their own statement saying how disappointed they -- -- costs incidentally the comments made in GQ magazine yes GQ magazine now also has a very good interview this month with Bradley Cooper about his struggle with addiction yet when drugs and basically put it behind in ten years ago when he talked about. He's very candid about how he talked about turning his life around and he said. I think my work was getting beat up he admitted this was right when his were career was taking off the right around waiting crashes occurring at the same time and is that a lot of things he said one thing I've -- -- life is the best thing I can do is embrace who I am and then do it to the fullest extent. And then whatever happens happens he said he was doing a lot of movies suddenly sober and he -- called. Another quote. Saying that he rediscovers himself.

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{"id":21273448,"title":"Hillary Clinton is 'Most Fascinating' of 1993 and 2013","duration":"3:00","description":"The former secretary of state is named \"Most Fascinating\" of 2013 by Barbara Walters.","url":"/WNN/video/hillary-clinton-fascinating-1993-2013-21273448","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}