Hot new kitchen gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo takes us through the latest and greatest kitchen tech.
4:53 | 03/21/17

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Transcript for Hot new kitchen gadgets
Well now that spring has officially and finally arrived will soon be picking our. Warm weather. Entertaining into high gear and helping us to do just that. But the fresh crop of new kitchen gadgets is our own Gizo is Dick DeBartolo. Got a sneak peek of this year's international houseware show it's just this week in Chicago exactly it's a great event yes and they had a little New York preview where where I saw they Hamilton beach for and one spiral lies I shot a little video team take vegetables and make them until I. Spaghetti linguine. Teddy Cheney even these great Riggans. And it's always had to do so he would take a zucchini and we're making zoo little's. Which issue key noodles. And he just pushed down on the plunge it turned a little guy on. And Al Ka New York zoo to is that a way of kind of tricking kids into thinking of actually having spaghetti and that's exactly right a fun way to get kids in the family to have more nutritious meals that's going to be under fifty dollars and that's going to be available trouble ahead in the next week or so half. This is called the at eight car he pocket whining that. Air raider OK is it realigned its real wine oh my gosh incidents yeah. Glossary for the rest of the oh my gosh what way LA every toy boats though this little guy goes in your pocket you Hackett on packet. You can put the rod and it and then he said it for as a kind of wine on the top. And it air rates wine we're not gonna go to the whole cycle it'll they are rated M and shut off automatically. And then setting for white. Red and pork and this little guy is. Under twenty so that basically means I can do what say that it's anti viral threat out for like three weeks yes so the idea here is that air raiding it is to give it more or Roma I actually we've got to do it takes us we didn't have enough yet wind what every time during we admire Reagan line. I could guess the glass that was an area I feel that takes a blessed bitter OK look at it still and always tell when it's in the box or in the back. All we can't really argue Jenin earlier accounts little and other equipment at its so that detects up to that. Twenty bucks these little guys agreed from. Charles. The chief Charles and then send them high and these are a little ways to you I pick one up yet. This is. We're back. Richard G. OK yes they that's how airtight case on so just just drop it on that the way it is like OK just drop them on a hot and now. Oh all of OK so it is a way to make things hear our gun NOL capacity on smooth. Surface. So if you want other than Abu puts you back here refrigerate. It's microwave say if you can put into refrigerated. You can put it in on my neighbor we wave. And they may skip its cute they've been around awhile but for the spring they're doing to may know and watermelon. Now this is great that's how the pancake aren't kid and I have another PRI's video ever so they ought kick game. If you throw the bad end to the bottle you shake it up put in the stainless steel. Then to take the little bottle and you put some cocoa Gwinnett now you have to collars. Data and you can start making designs it has the silicone tip. So if you run the tip right onto the griddle it won't melts and this is definitely for kids forty an outbreak. I think exactly exactly so actually it is under 25 RE dollars. And down there is something fun call they have us. Yeah student you need that. No I know I have some big some or all similar that so is this Cuban attache EG scoop here so a lot of people now we feel little K cups minutes and for the machines they want to use their own grind when they want to make it more inexpensive for themselves. So the problem is. You get a scoop would your own coffee in the you have to put it in the global Peco yeah so with the easiest to scoop up the coffee in here. When you go up to the K cup throw that down it's a final. OK so now the coffees in there the funnels there are you can go directly into the cake up all right we did just that when something that the person that Starbucks does forming. I don't visit yeah. Who weren't well and I think comes to your home until and fills pods to your characters and great stuff very dedicated go and Rupert updated no problem great show indeed and Dick DeBartolo would thank you for being turned you can find these are many. More the gadgets of course as always on. Her website which is kids where is dot. Bits and hours as well Billy and advance our country what to release him.

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{"id":46271226,"title":"Hot new kitchen gadgets","duration":"4:53","description":"Giz Wiz Dick Debartolo takes us through the latest and greatest kitchen tech.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-kitchen-gadgets-46271226","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}