Jimmy Kimmel Sports a Black Eye

Jimmy Kimmel is hit with a car door and winds up with a "shiner" and needing stitches.
3:23 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel Sports a Black Eye
-- Jimmy Kimmel. Sporting a big old -- Pretty fat you'd almost think it was a joke it was so convincing when he. Yeah it was very real and take a look we'll show you the picture of -- if we haven't. That it did yeah. Apparently they can better when he does stand -- back but anyway apparently he would he went out -- -- with his -- it was like he had a fight for the -- -- anything -- Went to pay a parking meter reopened the door on -- space he explain the whole thing journalists. I've actually put together a little re enactment of this I'll show you what happened. That's gonna open the door to get some quarters out of the going thing to feed the meter. But instead. I don't lose track of events that I had. Corner the door. Other important lesson and that lesson is car doors -- outwards. -- who -- unless of course there's another story that is just such a perfect black bag I have to think that. Now but somebody else would have a story -- I United's Jimmy Kimmel sporting a shiner and they've -- one that did it gave it two. -- funny feeling there's another story out there don't you think you know what than there are still makes you want but anyway I love it when that he cast his own like this with the -- but it's great when you make a movie about me was eleven make I -- have somebody -- like. -- right course plus -- muscular. Right so loving and yet there are reports there are we should attribute this to -- sign that. The -- picked up by the daily best of the beast apparently content in west just finally popped the question to his baby mama Kim Kardashian has happened just a couple of days after they had their baby. Northwest. There's a lot didn't act and the report goes on this was that we can engagement ring -- -- -- black diamonds it cost him. A billion dollar is why how much but getting a lot of other reports out there that say that's simply not true Perez Hilton -- magazine voted Wednesday. Nice guy likely -- just not a real story requests indeed is what that a black. There's just called black diamond I don't know I have no idea to me put jobs -- yeah I -- know much about where. But I don't know -- know -- pretty line. -- is -- they cost less clear. Everybody that I got Amy Winehouse and the -- her. Brother claims that she died not from drugs and alcohol you really believes in his heart that Amy Winehouse died from Bohemia -- he said his sister was killed by -- -- -- admits that drug and alcohol. -- would have eventually killed a sister she died back in 2011 of course but he says that the people being sort of believe it made her body weaken more susceptible to speaking to observer magazine. And then he said all her friends were doing it they stopped paying me never really stopped so she didn't -- really then. Yeah you know he might have -- and I -- -- -- -- -- that the drugs and alcohol were getting getter in the end but he thinks that they believe is what what what really got hurt in the short run -- Seven year old so incredibly talented yet sentenced in China are talking neighbor once again in the news and now has been banned for life from a -- -- -- -- Indoor skydiving over bad -- -- to pay 16100. Dollars. They got there right before they closed he was there -- six other vehicles and hang up and are all done. Never paid he had a bad attitude to the place and you know what never again you're not -- -- You're oh by the way black diamonds they are back black this -- in the studio to be the.

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{"id":19479980,"title":"Jimmy Kimmel Sports a Black Eye","duration":"3:23","description":"Jimmy Kimmel is hit with a car door and winds up with a \"shiner\" and needing stitches.","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-sports-black-eye-19479980","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}