Letterman Lets Loose!

David Letterman calls Jay Leno funny but insecure.
3:38 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Letterman Lets Loose!
-- -- -- -- -- yeah filling your editing out and I what does Ricky spears. -- -- there's no question she's got a good voice but she is being in use again again this time scorer. But you might not want to be on the news her ex factor gig looking like it could be a one and done type of thing. Some reports coming out saying that she is about to get the boot as a judge for Max factor. Producers saying they wanted her from the beginning but they now think it's just not working. Don't know if you know this -- Britney Spears signed a fifteen million dollar contract for the show. And according to one source Simon Cowell who's you know pretty authoritative when it comes to these things he he said and I quote he wanted crazy Brittany. But he got boring -- instead. All she's now do you mr. -- and on the sat there and go at some car with an umbrella -- competition. -- Little bit crazy Britney might might raise ratings visit entertaining any question about that and at least two hours second thing which also has to do with Britney Spears -- -- -- -- I -- didn't -- I would -- you know we're we're we're just going down that hill and we remains. So yeah yesterday we brought you that yeah reports and suggestions saying that Kevin Federline -- brother was allegedly coming out and saying that he was the father. Their child well now that those reports seem to be inaccurate he was us weekly. The detain those papers by the singer's brother it would file a lawsuit saying you know what he was a real father. We'll sources are now telling us weekly that the documents and -- who have been doctored. A host of Christopher Federline is not just the fun as far as we know and Lester we're talking about getting on this -- Richard yeah. -- some show I mean that's just another twist that they got it. Get that woman a reality TV shows please you can totally -- -- -- speaking TV -- you know there's been as long running feud between David Letterman and Jay Leno and right. They they kinda like each -- they kind of rag on each other little bit -- now David Letterman is confessing all ended -- Oprah Winfrey. I think is the funniest guy I've ever known just flat out. If you go to C didn't do is a nightclub back just the funniest the smartest. And wonderful observations just -- and very appealing as a company. -- for the fact that he is also may be the most insecure person I have ever known I could never reconcile. Very down not only made it -- a compliment about how you are the most video plays -- -- -- -- also the most insecure how -- -- were spotted. Who knows that these two -- going back and forth for quite some time OK and finally now in the skinny there is another Hollywood hope that Shia LaBeouf. Give -- on apparently with his nipple maniac costar -- -- got now. I know they're saying we're going maniac mental mania that's the people that say things inspire me no that is not it was a witness in Romania has to do with -- -- with love but little bit -- the I don't judge had -- to define and god I'm right I'm -- a lot of -- I wouldn't call her an incoming executives and of -- -- that they're starting it together so this is like maybe that Brad and Angelina thing -- on a movie together. You're hooking up a little bit movies called into maniac they found love. And that's now the new Hollywood couple make -- -- -- -- -- -- It was just the movie doesn't mean I I yes that's for the movie's called -- saving about leveling you got -- -- say anything about you -- -- you can do whatever you like. You're -- you can say whether it's the.

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{"id":18081023,"title":"Letterman Lets Loose!","duration":"3:38","description":"David Letterman calls Jay Leno funny but insecure.","url":"/WNN/video/letterman-lets-loose-18081023","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}