Maker's Mark Restores Alcohol Content

Producer responds to public demand not to dilute whiskey.
3:00 | 02/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maker's Mark Restores Alcohol Content
-- few days ago about maker marks controversial decision the -- are horrible they were having some. But issues meeting -- demand for their product around the -- today said look we -- shrink the alcohol content. Of the products from 45% down to 42%. Al you can imagine the public -- -- alcohol and men sitting -- have finally decided to bow to public pressure. So on Sunday maker's mark chief operating officer rob Daniels said no we are restoring -- alcohol volume back to ninety proof. Not the end. Or prove they were talking about it we -- -- think it's waited up to its followers Hughes spoke we've listened and made in a -- within two hours of the boosting the statement on FaceBook yet they had 141000 likes and 2200. Comments over the failure of maker's mark is restored to its former -- -- glory. So this that we need to do we need to test it out yet right here right now we need them on holiday -- and you. And I got my game -- -- is necessary -- there is actually an interesting microbial as we now. Even when it gave the Republican response to the state of the union last week well apparently if we don't remember he wanted to visit the water much like this in the -- -- it. And Twitter -- went crazy wonder -- he's capitalizing on this moment and apparently he's starting to sell. Marco Rubio water bottles through his pack his -- in America political action committee. And -- sold more than 3000 of these things are ready and 25 dollars a pop as you can imagine he's making a whole lot of money. -- our kids political action committee. And as we are now he is a favorite in the Republican parties that would probably -- music for. Why don't -- -- changed everything presidential. -- -- -- moving on this kind of also adorable I love the story. Really giant cookie has gone missing from the Germany now the company's -- convenience can explore the next could be any any equivalent of the orient me here in America anyway. Just an attempt to -- the golden could eat and then sent a ransom note to the company saying we want you to. Give -- Thousand pounds to an animal hospital want to give free cookies to a Children's Hospital while the ending kind of cookie monster the real -- -- monster came out instead. He pleaded Nino -- Golding could keep -- willing to help find the real could keep the heat and heat. Very nice very totally different note you may remember actually -- -- governor spitzer's call girl. Sexual skin sex scandal here in New York Post you know writing columns the last three years for the New York Post -- -- -- a putting all of the columns into a book called tricks of the trade. You can. I thought that I don't like that stuff so you know video tape from an expert she -- all things sexual -- actually. -- --

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{"id":18528378,"title":"Maker's Mark Restores Alcohol Content","duration":"3:00","description":"Producer responds to public demand not to dilute whiskey. ","url":"/WNN/video/makers-mark-restores-alcohol-content-18528378","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}