Man Banned From Mall of America After Throwing Cash

Minnesota man, 29, was cited for disorderly conduct after tossing $1,000 from fourth floor of mall.
2:50 | 12/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Banned From Mall of America After Throwing Cash
Hi everybody -- mixed talk about some Christmas cheer -- -- ball home offices on Friday Black Friday in the Mall of America okay guy goes up to them. Fourth floor balcony. Well choir -- was singing let it snow and throws -- thousand dollars -- -- How can people -- at the a -- seem to mind and apparently witnesses -- the choir -- even more. Contention with gusto. The ball in the police were so excited apparently 29 year old Minnesota man Sergey Mora knew all about Apple Valley. Was cited for disorderly. -- -- -- And I was also ordered not go back to the mall Mall of America spokesman said first time anyone's doesn't -- -- and you know could cause serious situation. But anyway he he was basically motivated by the Christmas spirit to give -- -- thousand. That's not very cool -- to lighten up some plan -- congress the thousand dollars. From the same plays. -- this is very cool iconic scene from the start against is basically where. This article sent them into the hands of the it started as well there is. Lungren called in -- everywhere where they decide to get it was quite as Starbucks and play out the -- Today amusement about -- and articulate them. -- Oh yeah. Okay. -- -- -- What's going on here one guy goes up to the counter and orders -- says his name is Barney is a when the -- the drink is ready. They say -- parting gift that's funny people who are in on the -- starts saying highest -- get zionist target in Millen got -- queens and that didn't happen then. Like Roman god can this -- and try to get him he's the one that when he gets the -- yeah let's nobody enjoyed. What has. You know soccer moms everywhere from minivan full of kids drop them off at soccer has a lot yeah are -- all what you have their. Mother's extraordinary what you might -- your work. Cut -- -- China -- the small minority of the great soccer mom he's not possible. Take a close look at this this mom on her back. -- Dreamed up fifteen kids on. Unbelievable auto parts sees no seat -- no airbags CS fifteen kids on board up combat. As a taxi ride folks don't interrupt -- it didn't play practice is so saw all under the that track and you know would be terrible and it's probably the case it does soccer moms every single one of those kids that someone different got exactly right that's good good good.

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{"id":21066880,"title":"Man Banned From Mall of America After Throwing Cash","duration":"2:50","description":"Minnesota man, 29, was cited for disorderly conduct after tossing $1,000 from fourth floor of mall.","url":"/WNN/video/man-banned-mall-america-throwing-cash-21066880","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}