Man Faces Jail Time for Laughing Too Loud

A Long Island man was slapped with a summons after police said he was laughing too loudly.
2:55 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Faces Jail Time for Laughing Too Loud
Hello everybody and welcome to -- make -- right -- -- start this one at this makes actually with a story that. Gonna make you really affect it made us -- this is about a gentleman who lives here in New York Rockville center Long Island's name is -- Robert Sheehan valley. So this 42 year old man was apparently. Laughing a lot at his neighbor. But here's the thing he has some mental impairments and he's laughing because his neighbor makes fun of him. Plus the -- it feels like a defense act in the way he deals with his neighbor woman neighbor called police on him. So now this -- DR who is the bigger -- here -- -- -- -- -- release. Police coming -- -- and so now he's been charged -- it. Obstructing justice and being offensive to others and apparently. He was a laughing and acting in such a manner that was annoying disturbing and interfering and obstruct an offensive so. So now we have the idiot neighbor immediate police and then there's a judge to season the following day refuses to -- -- -- -- now we have an idiot judge disagreeing. Yes -- gets -- little I guess that's not listen to this company's -- about this delivery guy delivers 85. Five the total bill was 1450. -- box luck comes to think he deserves. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah money to spend -- thousand dollars on -- right -- kind of OK -- got a ten dollar tip so. Yeah riders stranded on credit and that used the name of the upload a photo of the receded said. -- you kidding me ten dollars is cheap it started big fiery debate that no one could expect that -- -- our hands and I delivered food in college one of the crazy jobs I had to -- right through college and put money in all lesson -- money literally. And you know 20% is a lot for delivery boy -- mean waiters get that he delivered what does -- expect quite percent. But you don't expect ten box and bottle -- 14100. -- lined -- -- -- I think is about. 15100. But second I didn't spend 14100 dollars on. Maxima while I was a waitress also in college and man on man I really didn't like the five dollar tips on fifteen dollars and -- -- -- that's bad it is even yeah. You may even want to -- these kids want to do what they're doing hazardous culminating that was your stuff on ratified. Pretty interesting if you're looking for and I -- you wanna be social media manager for pizza hot. You can -- -- but your job interview it's going to be a 140 seconds long. 140 seconds which is UK two and a half minutes -- so imagine going in an interview and having today. Follow your qualifications everything that you're good at -- -- that you want to be able to do for the company you got to do it. It didn't happen -- that's just not. Not advocating seventies applicants might be a good thing more or less is more you know that expression before they kind of figure out -- about domestic experience.

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{"id":18672978,"title":"Man Faces Jail Time for Laughing Too Loud","duration":"2:55","description":"A Long Island man was slapped with a summons after police said he was laughing too loudly.","url":"/WNN/video/man-faces-jail-time-laughing-loud-18672978","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}