Mom Makes Lunch for Son's Classmate Who Can't Afford it

The boy asked his mom to prepare the extra food for his friend who couldn't afford a full meal.
2:59 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Mom Makes Lunch for Son's Classmate Who Can't Afford it
Had an epidemic trees are not one of very sweet note so mom with a little bit confused by her son kept asking for two lunches yeah and she came to find out that the reason with acts because he noticed that his friend didn't have enough money. Not a guy treaty know his. The friend didn't have enough lunch to apply. A full lunch. The friend has just buying fruit cup so Clough. Her she started packing to lunches for her son bush shared them. So he was just being a nice kid correct flood turns out. The mother of that student that he was sharing with found out. Offer to pay her for the missing lunches. I'd rather than accept the money Dylan's mom actually turned it into a larger fund raiser to cancel all of the debts of all of the students and. Old money for lunch and analysts note along with it. True something that could have made lunged forward. The entire basketball team bit of that school were and then some. The largest lobster look at that. That it is like. Up there that is huge Brooks thank insecticides Gary Coleman. That that OK so this is a Bermuda the big joke is that. Hurricane co which just passed through. Kind of swept in this monster lobster it is fourteen. Pounds. Sadly. You can keep your butter away it was released back into the. Water. Blundering in I was really voted like wow that is huge. And now I don't think they're serving lobster. Here at this particular McDonald's however they were serving up a very nice surprise for an old patron. Navy bombing you are frequent McDonald's on a regular basis with her son. Before she was too crippled by arthritis to show up well. The folks at the local mckinny's found out that she was turning when hundreds they decide. Sun writer and big celebration and they have offered her free meals. For life. Well that's quite a gamble McDonald's. Could precede do that work. Your kids its first birthday to pick a candidate for her for the fifth and could further. A beautiful cute. Picture here. Take a look that this that a call. It said as century there. Can loves belly rubs and who really does. Labor ups the photographers regularly made a video in hopes of educating people on the importance. Caring for protecting coral islands and. I like how women's does look okay they're all of loses and like okay okay. More have given up your data fed up men apparently they all have their own personalities Corliss who. This planet.

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{"id":42875037,"title":"Mom Makes Lunch for Son's Classmate Who Can't Afford it","duration":"2:59","description":"The boy asked his mom to prepare the extra food for his friend who couldn't afford a full meal.","url":"/WNN/video/mom-makes-lunch-sons-classmate-afford-42875037","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}