Have a Patriotic Party for July 4

Tim Laird, America's Chief Entertainment Officer, shows how to add red, white and blue to your dishes.
3:30 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Have a Patriotic Party for July 4
When the -- biggest holidays of the -- is fast approaching Independence Day. It's a perfect melding of easy breezy summer fun and course summer foods and joining us this morning to help a little sparkle in your fourth of July blast. Is America's chief entertaining up assert ten layered author of -- entertaining cookbooks ten welcome. Oh hello arena I'll tell you what I'm excited I -- the fourth of July and of course incorporating all the colors of red and white and -- into law telling you drinks and policy of food and here's what I wanna start. This is red white and blue sparklers are adults sparklers -- their lot of fun. Basically from -- -- -- take a little bit of but strawberry pure ray. Topped that with -- champagne that gives it the sparkle. For the white I use a little bit of Pina colada -- topped that with a corn belt campaign is just delicious little -- -- yeah sparkle of -- campaign. Now for the blue this is a little bit corn belt and put it -- just a little bit of blue -- which is an orange -- course of -- has a little orange taste to it. And then -- always have an alcohol free verse not always be responsible post and then we can with the theme we have firecracker -- and I love these very easy. Just take some shrimp and that's been deep -- -- the Dutch shell off in the communal hot sauce in whatever your favorite hot sauces three point minutes -- -- done. Then when I like to do. I'll take a Rosemary -- use that as a handle. A fire cracker fuse type look and -- double. Whacked firecracker you waddle will -- so it's like a little bit of Toronto wow you leave that out in -- gas can simply grab those in Tallahassee and how stacked. Moving guns and keeping up with -- -- these are my red white and blue birders very easy to make you can actually make these -- we have the recipe on your FaceBook page. But if you want to lie -- which -- like to do a lot of you and I were talking about that -- about how we -- cracks during the -- you can -- he's already done in a distant garnish -- with a little blue cheese than -- the white -- the blue yellow red tomato and -- vegetarian could do -- -- right absolutely use -- vegetarian. -- absolutely not that I put the flags on -- to donate the ones that have the cheese and and I have I don't happen so. That's -- your guests -- now. Going on with hamburgers -- French -- -- -- and I and then of course with the he had red white and blue I've gotten ketchup mayonnaise and then for -- this is just Dijon mustard with a little bit of a lot. -- food coloring that's typically only content on in there it is kind of a nice red and -- orange and white and blue there it is. And then finally. Apart say that's -- -- -- -- a little whip cream and blueberries. And -- topped these with a little bit of pop rocks and goes a little pop -- and explode if so -- -- you can have almost a fireworks display -- -- -- treating these. I think it's great that they -- -- and actually works full it it really is a nice experience it was like that to you they do they want -- being kids if you wanna get them evolving and make these. Pretty patriotic country type column -- he's rice has between us. -- -- And in the regular in the -- so you just make the mix of marshmallows and butter hot and then have one bowl with the red food color. What with the -- -- set up and then put him in layers. And -- that this is really easy quake it. -- got a couple corners but it still feels fresh and homemade and it is in this perfect likeness and a beloved tying in with all the themes of of the event and then certainly this speaks to really fourth of July we got -- -- -- -- -- -- America's chief entertaining officer thank you so much happy fourth yeah thank you -- and for all the recipes she had WS and fans dot com stay with us.

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{"id":24408648,"title":"Have a Patriotic Party for July 4","duration":"3:30","description":"Tim Laird, America's Chief Entertainment Officer, shows how to add red, white and blue to your dishes.","url":"/WNN/video/patriotic-party-july-24408648","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}