Pilot Orders Pizza to the Tarmac

A pilot orders Domino's pizza for the people stuck on his plane waiting to take off.
3:27 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Pilot Orders Pizza to the Tarmac
All right it's time for the mix and speaking up heats up highways still looking -- here we have a -- -- story. And it's gonna blow you away -- don't you ever been stuck on a runway for hours. Maybe you're thinking Philip what -- the staff -- how -- everybody sitting around we're hungry we're tired we'll check this out of Frontier Airlines pilot. He did something quite amazing -- was a flight that was diverted. The two differ from Denver to Cheyenne and the folks are sitting on the runway for a couple of hours so he's -- you know what I -- take care of these folks. He places an order to domino. O'clock at night says I need no bat did the customers they make that he's a member of the -- of thirty minutes or less they got there in thirty minutes left. 35 -- they got to live they gave it to the flight attendants they found a way to get it to passengers. And so these passengers enjoyed. 35. -- -- -- a courtesy pilot. And to. They took off literally right after they got that pizza that some dominoes there are -- second time. That's a good race or is that -- Frontier Airlines -- -- yes that's incredible more stories like that yeah now from B cinecast -- -- Segway upper Florida and they always economy that crazy news stories come from Florida and inserted through a 911 call made by people because of their -- -- -- -- -- Of human spirit goes a little crazy goes into this sort of crazed as a Russian -- -- called Kush the folks called 911. Dean the cap is removed by animal control quarantine for ten days and the -- the couple -- what needs to you see them right there and they declined medical attention but. There's also another story of another cat -- -- 22 pounder also similar thing they called 911. He was sentenced again to often can be adopted him and it didn't they couldn't came up big containment within it like him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My living room and I -- got a structure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While the public there's a beat between McCadam husband. Get them back we -- it is good enough for you -- they don't. -- want more they don't it's very real quick. The moment when -- dad. -- for the first time to his side -- boys and I look at this video and almost makes me break up. Injury to his son that his son Jack it's -- -- -- Every time you -- Fun and available and that there is. Talk about pure joy. I can't -- glances with nightfall. -- -- and -- -- -- it's. He wants. More world news now coming up.

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{"id":24481046,"title":"Pilot Orders Pizza to the Tarmac","duration":"3:27","description":"A pilot orders Domino's pizza for the people stuck on his plane waiting to take off.","url":"/WNN/video/pilot-orders-pizza-tarmac-24481046","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}