The President Hosts His Final State Dinner

More than four hundred people attended President Obama's 13th state dinner which honored Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. ABC's Arlette Saenz reports from the White House.
3:02 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for The President Hosts His Final State Dinner
More. When this this is due loans. Do we can go on and. Ahead in the mare yeah last night on the South Lawn of the White House yes and that's French for love. More than 400 people including uncle on the list of celebrities all they are to honor the Italian. Is there and. My Spanish is a very good he went back to you are frenzy. Ahead in this elaborate on different now do I think there's as president of hovers thirteenth and final state dinner the White House ABC's Erin that signs was there. Serves. For 198 everyone was Italian at the White House from the lawmakers. To the Hollywood stars the obamas hosted one final state dinner honoring Italian prime minister Mateo frenzy. Michelle and I decided to just think of this very typical Italian Sunday dinner. Surrounded by family and great friends. Buy guns and possible. But this was anything but a typical dinner. Gwen Stefani belted out her greatest hits. One guest Stephen hopes for a presidential dance off. I hope there's dancing there's some could music played. He recurring dance battles in the president has gone on for a few years. Others stepped up their fashion gain favor. I'm I'm Tom court. So which I have got Diana. Racing legend Mario Andretti done to these Racine teen Sox. While frank ocean sported a pair of pants but no one style compared to the First Lady who dazzled in a golden first saw she down. Mattel and I both married and because of our lives. We eat better. We dress better we are better. And we thank you both. Prime minister Ramsey doled out his own praise for mrs. Obama. Thanking her for a recent speech taking on Donald Trump. Michelle let Europe from others are great but ousted the last two weeks and let me be very frank use speech. Are bad that then Europe the markets. Mr. Obama offered this assessment of the elections so little presidential campaigns consider like Dante's inferno. And though this was his final state dinner President Obama wasn't quite ready to say a David energy. In the immortal words of a great Italian American. Yogi Berra. And it over. Enter out the day prime minister Reggie was inviting President Obama to come visit him in Italy. Even offering to host a dinner for him informants so what deceived the president adds Italy to as a vacation list when he leaves the White House Diana tennis. Gotta go for the month okay behest apparently Michelle's tomatoes are pretty good take six months on average to plant planning goes like this amount beautiful night.

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{"id":42901739,"title":"The President Hosts His Final State Dinner","duration":"3:02","description":"More than four hundred people attended President Obama's 13th state dinner which honored Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. ABC's Arlette Saenz reports from the White House.","url":"/WNN/video/president-hosts-final-state-dinner-42901739","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}