School Clerk Helps Suspect Put His Weapons Down and Surrender

Antoinette Tuff describes how she helped Michael Brandon Hill surrender to Georgia police.
2:39 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for School Clerk Helps Suspect Put His Weapons Down and Surrender
Now school -- Internet tough work to convince that gunman put away his weapon and ammunition she later spoke to our Atlanta station. About the ordeal. He first came in I was like all. He signaled this is not a joke and they tell the teacher. To go let everybody know this is not a joke described how he -- he had a -- him that he was willing to keel. And that fact -- sit. What did he say he said there that he didn't have any reason to -- -- And that he knew he was one adapt to the other whether that trend that it was bigger than me he was really -- young man found are just stop -- form. And you just start talking him and -- allowing -- to -- some of my life stories and what was going -- with me that it was going to be okay and -- -- -- now is just over. I'm just going to die today and that's I don't know you've got you don't have to doubted that he actually tried to go out the door where the -- -- was. And I called him back and kept talking to him to keep him -- to stay inside with me because I knew that if he got -- fact he was gonna start shooting case. And so I just tell him to stay in -- with -- -- the police officers and nobody would kill him. And -- this sounds like such a long ordeal. Were you concerned about how this was gonna and I do when you stop -- an eclipse -- when he came because when he came and he was just so. Com. Agitated and they won't be the start moving any given a police officer stopped moving in and at one time -- the police officers start exchanging bullets. And I was -- -- year I knew there bullies don't have a name. S allies to explain to him -- -- come again. You're the hero today. I'm given on god -- that the you know -- I was -- He kept it together. -- I don't know I have an idea that through his grace and mercy idea. And I just explained to him that I left him. I didn't know his name I didn't know much about him but I did -- him. And it was scary because I knew that at that moment. He was ready to take my life alone but he is. And if I didn't say the right thing that we all would be -- That woman is a hero -- -- said she began sharing her own story with that young man telling them how she had lost her husband of 33 years that she felt that no one -- -- one point. And that's when he began to open up and reveal that he had not taken his medication.

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{"id":20020439,"title":"School Clerk Helps Suspect Put His Weapons Down and Surrender","duration":"2:39","description":"Antoinette Tuff describes how she helped Michael Brandon Hill surrender to Georgia police.","url":"/WNN/video/school-clerk-helps-suspect-put-weapons-surrender-20020439","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}