Serendipity: A WWII Love Story

Teenage sweethearts separated during WWII tie the knot 70 years later.
2:53 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Serendipity: A WWII Love Story
Time for the next I couldn't resist on this Monday a love story this is amazing what. Teenage sweetheart separated during World War II tie the -- Seventy years later the stars incredible unbelievable take a look at the pictures. These two became sweethearts on the summer vacation only to be separated by the Second World War there Bob Humphreys and -- duet they lost touch. -- -- sent her love letters during the war and our parents gave them because they weren't so crazy about the idea seven years later a man. -- eighty years after they met mr. Humphries is now 89 this is to do that. 87 peptide and that was that -- This is rule that says the important thing is that we met all those years ago on the must've really left some sort of impression. The circumstances brought us together I can safely say that we won't be raising any children. And then he says that parity yet he says there've only been two women in my life Bernie was the first now she will be a -- just great. -- inflated the real life now but give -- that -- me yes absolutely that's exactly what happened in the -- this is the real life story of an have a love that that start my favorite of the day OK moving on to this so -- is random -- that showed up I read it turns out it is an elderly man taking out revenge. A man who apparently has been emailing his wife take a look it's pretty self explanatory blown -- and stop him. Now don't email my wife this is on the garage doors. Pretty crystal clear message here he's obviously sending into another man. Patent well prime ministers and because it's on the -- it. All in into the picture there's no real explanation we don't have any information on this -- all she really doesn't really not well I for the two men how they're related how they know each other whether the white had a little something to do with the other guy and that's how else -- -- maybe they just weren't together. All we know is that we have this picture it's pretty incredible and it is straightforward that is up pretty clear about that. She loved this one from the Daily Mail if you're out there -- feeling a little blue you're somewhere between the ages of 23 and 69 take -- apparently my. A new study says we are happy -- most satisfied at 23. And 69 years of age Tom between those two times. Arts dissatisfaction starts to rise as we feel like we didn't meet our expectations and life and it's -- peaks at 55 years old. So throughout their near 52 -- 48 or whatever you're feeling like. Story when -- 69 you'll be as happy as when you were 23 according in the new study -- The gist of it and the patterns in observed in more than fifty nations across class -- financial. Nice okay this -- really good picture -- we also want to show you public that was overdue 41 years what has earned it too weary but a lot of them with and now that says sorry that kept the book for so long. But -- a really slow reader I think close my fine of 299. Dollars and thirty cents 41 day's -- -- today. Once again my apology is never too late to return -- the loss.

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{"id":19731337,"title":"Serendipity: A WWII Love Story","duration":"2:53","description":"Teenage sweethearts separated during WWII tie the knot 70 years later.","url":"/WNN/video/serendipity-wwii-love-story-19731337","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}