UFC Star Wrestles a Bear as an Adult and as a Boy

A new viral video of UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov shows him wrestling a bear.
2:57 | 05/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UFC Star Wrestles a Bear as an Adult and as a Boy
Parts of the UFC fighter you have to be tough -- -- of Russian guy 25 a champion meant to be new but -- golf. Okay wrestling bears is part of the equation apparently to start young -- into the nine year old. Wrestling. -- grizzly bear around -- he confirmed its authenticity instead that's in -- him. This is from 1997. And it really did say a man gets what he decided to go for round two. This is it now at 25 -- wrestling another grizzly bear about the same -- -- like oh my gosh -- is wearing a muscle however I. -- currently in the lightweight division the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And dad yeah I'm not actually bears. I -- -- what I. I don't know how to activists didn't do horrifying yet especially the nine year old all the -- adult doesn't have to look like he's. What you got to control a situation -- name yeah I think he's will be an email way to Guantanamo -- -- might -- -- into -- more from. Your product in that's just crazy all right so another animal starts talking about -- on -- computer. You know -- obviously ducks need to learn how to fly and their mama -- so the ones that teach them a -- is university college Dublin and that's my deduction -- -- the legend and somebody taking video decides to help the little guys out and says -- -- it -- my backpack down. The little that -- will decide to jump on the backpack in the fall we'll be so. Terrible welding -- they go on the other side it takes is a little while they finally all doubt I had -- count there's like ten a lot of governments flat. And they ain't they all of Jay Bentley the fate after their mom they don't threatening hot only -- all they -- -- -- out of black. NC any wings flap and he -- another. Comedy -- Helena taller legs I don't even put all right now let's go to a dog in this time I would stick with some animals here in this regard would -- veteran's life pretty amazing the United States Marines. His name is -- Terry McGlade -- a major role anyway he had collapsed from a seizure. That's his dog that can't lab mix. And he's trained to know when he goes into a seizure really took the phone out of the Marines pocket and started stepping on it. It's automatically calls 911 when any button is pushed -- its preprogrammed. Home inspectors never heard the dog bark but they -- sums up because it kept on happening dogma after the -- it's. Crude the high hopes in the marine mayor and that he says that probably would have been in severe trouble heating coal mine one. Love story Arnold have now live an adorable lovable adorable not OK moving on to the radio report of the day even this 31 year old Patrick Barack -- the back. Back version -- Louisiana. He called in to the police station and said somebody had hit me that anything you drive into the federal money into filed police reports he shows up -- the FCB hearings and alcohol. -- -- -- -- that now he's in jail not a good idea.

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{"id":23691830,"title":"UFC Star Wrestles a Bear as an Adult and as a Boy","duration":"2:57","description":"A new viral video of UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov shows him wrestling a bear.","url":"/WNN/video/ufc-star-wrestles-bear-adult-boy-23691830","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}