What Men Really Want

New study finds that beauty and youth don't rank high on the list of traits.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for What Men Really Want
-- about into the mix this story may surprise a few people out there today this was done a study that was done by a -- -- a leading. Off -- experts on sex relationships in the UK here this is the main. -- she's working on the qualities that women believed make -- appealing beauty youth confidence intelligence are actually not. What -- look for in a long term relationship he's had never rather girl who made them feel secure a Stanley and listen to them. Then the one all the other guys wanted to take away from him to -- his study after study says that all good things that many of talk about our hot or whatever the they actually in real life when someone there's more to sparking a personality. Connection above all else -- -- they said an emotional connection was bigger than sexiness and spark but more important then. Look Soviet -- looking nice appeared kind of listening trustworthy laughing at his jokes letting him take. Their view Paul more appealing to men than what the traditional hot this factor or whatever features to -- better maybe not a shallow as via catch flak for being. So basically make me a sandwich and talk so much that I that I that new leader won't about saying that -- but does say that's lyrical but not -- the selection connection itself. There you -- and probably don't like -- girls. Yeah because we don't like smelling -- that if you have a funny odor problem -- might wanna try eating your deodorant. That sells products that -- on that OK so distant company come DL perfume candy out of the UK they're gonna launch this next year. You looked at -- it's going to releasing lingering relic and stay the course of your skin. It's something kind of -- there's a UN. Company that -- has a sweet and garlic compound. Which -- broken down by the body so it's it's treated through this again the key ingredient. Is a compound that's found in planting roses and lavender. And Vanilla. This first -- -- -- and the United States back in August since about ten dollars for small bag and a ticket and less of just six hours for a delicious floral several months. Pretty heated Evans thought roses basically you know if you eat too much garlic in -- smelling like garlic -- yet you eat -- -- -- Dix streets to the -- That's how powerful process that was deployed a perfect world junior league you have to do smoke still love me and Frito some well -- -- admitted she statement. I guess what professions have the most psychopaths -- -- pro life. I'm under the weather we can't tell -- whether -- not recycled some meat ax murderer it means that you may feel like everything local part of little egocentric. Top professions in order CEO. Lawyer media mean TV -- radio people salespeople. Surgeons journalists police officer who he'd -- Jeff heads civil servant -- POP3 for not being a psychopath carried nurses and therapists home so what do you.

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{"id":17671173,"title":"What Men Really Want","duration":"3:00","description":"New study finds that beauty and youth don't rank high on the list of traits.","url":"/WNN/video/what-men-really-want-17671173","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}