Expert: How to Keep Your Fitness Resolution in '07

A: Nutrition is really important. Never deprive yourself of anything. When we deprive, we tend to crave more of the things that we want that we're depriving ourselves from. If you know how to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, do your diet in the evening. Diet for dinner, diet at night versus during the day. You need those calories in the day to keep going. And you need to feel a little bit hungry when you go to bed. If you just let yourself be a little bit hungry, you're ok. That's how your calories start to burn, because your metabolic rate goes down when you go to sleep.

For dinner, have a nice salad with chicken -- not with a heavy dressing, but with something light like olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Have lean meat, and have a little bit of bread to get serotonin levels up. Carbs are not an enemy.

For lunch, have a nice sandwich with a baked or sweet potato, or some really fresh vegetables. You can do a sandwich, or whatever it is you're liking, because you're burning the calories. People tend to be afraid, but it's about how much exercise you put out there. And it's all about portions. If you want pasta, have some pasta, but just have a little bit.

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