Killer Instinct

The official reason, read to Hawkins and found in Army documents, was that "no beneficial or constructive results would be derived from criminal prosecution." No punitive action of any kind was taken against Hawkins, who rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and retired with an unblemished record. Hawkins says it doesn't matter to him if the Army decides to reopen the case.

"They want to bring it up and have another American brought up as a scapegoat, or do whatever for something that's gone all this time, well then so be it," said Hawkins. "I'm 63. I'm prepared to do whatever they want to do."

As for Doyle, he doesn't think he will be convicted on any of the charges. "I could get found not guilty on temporary insanity on any one of them, because there's no way you can be in that situation and not be temporarily insane," he told ABCNEWS.

ABCNEWS' David Scott, Andrew Morse, EIleen Murphy and Marni Harriman contributed to this report.

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