The Soothing, Dulcet Tones of ... Metallica


New York Magazine journalist Adam Sternbergh wrote an article last April called "Up With Grups," exploring the generation gap, or lack thereof, between today's 30-, 40-, or 50-somethings and the 20-somethings. Sternbergh argued that 21st century adults are "radically rethinking what it means to be a grown-up" and, by all accounts, choosing not to.

Therefore, in some way, the rise in tot-rock is just a manifestation of these hipster parents' desire to remain eternally 25 while still having all the material comforts of adult life: $800 baby carriages, designer jeans, cashmere hoodies, personalized vans and über-trendy tykes to boot. Then, aren't Rockabye Baby! and its competitors just another flash in the pan in a long line of products designed to keep adults connected with the today's youth culture?

Music executives, such as Roth, hope that's not the case. "I hope [these kids] become as big fans as their parents are," she said. As in any businesses, the music industry is looking forward to reaping huge rewards a decade or two down the line when these kids start purchasing music for themselves, their friends, and maybe even their own kids.

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