Saddam's Senior Adviser Discounts Exile

Aziz: That's what they think, but the army might not have the same equipment as the Americans have, but the army is well-equipped to fight within its homeland and fight an aggressor.

Jennings : Does this mean, from your point of view, that this will be a battle that you will choose to fight in and around the cities?

Aziz: We'll fight any way we can win.

Jennings : You're a practical man —

Aziz: Yes, I am.

Jennings: What makes you think you can win?

Aziz: Because we are well-prepared for war. We are an experienced nation. We fought for eight years with Iran. Many people thought we would lose; we did not. We won the battle in the end.

Jennings : President Bush has been told by some of his advisors that the Iraqi people will throw flowers at American soldiers.

Aziz: I think they are cheating him, and they are cheating the American public opinion. American soldiers will not be received by flowers; they will be received by bullets.

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