ABCNEWS' John Quiones

Last season, Quiñones covered the Albanian refugee crisis for a 20/20 one-hour special on Macedonia and Albania.

Other stories included a look at women in polygamous marriages in Utah and an inspiring story about a young boy who was confined to a cage as a child for over two years and his remarkable recovery with his adoptive parents.

During 1996-97, Quiñones examined the problem of parents who run off with their own children in violation of the other parent's custodial or visitation rights; traveled to Balboa Park in San Diego, where pedophiles prey on Mexican boys who have crossed the border illegally; interviewed Sheldon Kennedy, a hockey player with the Boston Bruins, who broke his silence about being sexually abused for years by his coach when he was a teenager; traveled to Congo to interview Michael Fay, a man dedicated to preserving the world's last virgin rain forest in the northern part of the country; conducted a PrimeTime Live exclusive investigation involving illegal scams for getting mortgage loans from banks under false pretenses; and interviewed actor Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue.

During the 1995-96 season, Quiñones reported on a woman who was condemned to life in prison by the Peruvian military because they claimed she was the top leader of a terrorist group, the MRTA; traveled to the island of Montserrat to monitor an active volcano; investigated the murder of American civilian Michael Devine by Guatemalan soldiers and the reported connection between drug traffickers and the Guatemalan military; told the story of Thelma Sebley, whose 5-year-old daughter was strangled to death when the drawstring on the child's snowsuit caught on a playground slide; reported on the increase of grizzly bear attacks on humans; and told the story of the life and tragic murder of Latin singing sensation Selena by the head of her fan club.

During the 1994-95 season, Quiñones went 20 feet below ground to interview roving gangs of young Mexicans known as "tunnel rats," who beat and rob defenseless immigrants who are illegally entering the United States. He traveled to Tanzania to profile Jane Goodall, who studies the chimpanzees of Gombe National Park and investigated how accused felons can skip bail and return to the streets without fear of being arrested. He also reported on the bittersweet story of Chester Szuber, a father who was on a waiting list to receive a heart transplant when his daughter was suddenly killed in a tragic car accident, and who was then faced with the decision of receiving her heart.

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