Answers to Circuit Court Judge's Quiz

7. Complete the line: "Once upon a midnight dreary ______." while I pondered, weak and weary 8. How many U.S. states had new all-time high temperatures in the last twenty years? seven 9. Who or what were "Fat Man" and "Little Boy?" the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, respectively 10. What are the chances of ten straight of the same side coming up in ten consecutive tosses of a fair coin? 1/512 11. What country's capital is Kuala Lumpur? Malaysia 12. Who wrote Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats? T. S. Eliot 13. Freetown is the capital of what country? Sierra Leone 14. Name the most populous country in Africa; in South America. Nigeria; Brazil 15. What is measured by an anemometer? A sphygmomanometer? A hygrometer? wind; blood pressure; humidity 16. Who gave the famous speech "Ain't I a Woman?" Sojourner Truth 17. Give the decimal value of the number 212110, which is in base 3. 633 18. Distinguish Cabeza de Vaca from Vasco da Gama. Cabeza de Vaca was a Spanish explorer. Vasco de Gama was a Portuguese explorer. 19. Name two works of Kipling. e.g., The Jungle Book, Kim, Gunga Din 20. Distinguish Roy M. Cohn from Roy G. Biv. Roy M. Cohn was a lawyer who worked on McCarthy's anti-Communist crusade. Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic device for remembering the colors of the rainbow. 21. Distinguish Rimsky-Korsakov from Kolmogorov-Smirnov. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer. Kolmogorov-Smirnov is a statistical test. 22. Within a factor of 2, what was the United States population at the time of the Civil War? The total number of military deaths in the Civil War? 32.3 million; 558,052 23. Why is Eli Whitney famous? He invented the cotton gin. 24. What capital of a European country is the farthest north? The farthest south? Reykjavik; Valletta 25. Name a poem that you can recite by memory. 26. Who killed: Duncan? McKinley? Cock Robin? Ron Goldman? Vaudeville? Macbeth; Leon Czolgosz; the Sparrow; unknown; radio, movies, television, stale material 27. Who wrote The Jew of Malta? Christopher Marlowe 28. Where did Michael Jordan play college basketball? University of North Carolina 29. Name three quarks. e.g., up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm 30. What countries were headed by: Amin? Kaunda? Nkrumah? Kenyatta? Uganda; Zambia; Ghana; Kenya 31. What country had a group of authors known as "The Generation of '98?" Spain 32. Name three members of Washington's first cabinet. e.g., John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, Edmund Randolph, Samuel Osgood 33. How many members are in the U.S. House of Representatives? In what year did it first have this number? 435; 1913 34. Who was Thorstein Veblen? American economist and social critic, author of The Theory of the Leisure Class 35. Who was Cinque? Symbionese Liberation Army leader who kidnapped Patty Hearst; also, a slave from Sierra Leone who led the Amistad Rebellion 36. Name two Shakespeare plays beginning with "King." King Lear, King John 37. Who was Matthew Brady? 19th century American photographer, celebrated for portraits of politicians and photographs of the Civil War 38. What work of art has most profoundly affected you?

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