Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

JENNINGS: I put it to you that if you're going to stick to your core promises…you're going to go to Sacramento and you're going to have to either cut or borrow or raise.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, you forgot the other thing. And this is maybe just because you've never really been in there and run those things. But I mean there is another option which is that you look at the waste that is going on in the government. The billions of dollars. In Medical alone there is billions of dollars of waste. I want to go in there and get real true worker's compensation reform. Not what they have just done. But real true worker's compensation where you cut the costs down. We have so many government employees. You can make a billion dollars right there. Then you go for the Indian money. Then you go for the federal government's money. There's billions everywhere to be found. That's what we have to do. Rather than doing the thing like everyone always does which is 'we have to raise taxes' or 'we have to cut programs.' No, there is a third option. Let's get a little creative here.

JENNINGS: It cannot be easy to spend the last few days of this campaign having to deal constantly with being called a serial groper or a serial abuser of women and being compared in some way your admiration for Hitler. Is that tough?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I get upset about it. But I knew that before I got into this campaign that this is going to be that kind of a situation where people will throw everything at me at the last minute, and the last week and it is going to become a dirty campaign, sleaze campaign. And you know, down to the gutter. And I knew that. Because I was warned. People, political leaders from both parties said, 'You know Arnold, I don't know if you want to do that. Because let me tell you, I've campaigned. I've run for office and all this, and the last week they throw things at you that is embarrassing many times. It's terrible for your family. You may want to think that over because no matter what it is they will find it.'

JENNINGS: Does this mean that none of it's true? (OVERLAP)

SCHWARZENEGGER: Remember with Dick Riordan, calling him the baby killer.

JENNINGS: Does this mean that none of it is true? (OVERLAP)

SCHWARZENEGGER: The fact of the matter is that I realize that this is campaign trickery. And it is dirty campaigning.

JENNINGS: Why is it dirty campaigning?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, because it's not true. Many of those things are not true.

JENNINGS: What is not true?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, for instance, I have despised anything and everything that Hitler stands for. I have been from the time that I was a young kid fought against anyone that has protested for Nazis, or had any kind of Nazi sympathizing, or anything like this. And I campaigned against that. When I came over here I did the same thing. I always was against anything and despised anything that Hitler stood for and what the Nazis stood for. And I'm very sensitive about it because I come from a country where we have a history of that. You know people came up to me many times when I came over here with the hiel Hitler signs and then say the boys from Brazil are coming and all those kind of derogatory, which I understood. But, I'm sensitive about that. So, I've sued the tabloids when they've said anything about me being a Nazi and I've won the lawsuits.

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