Organized Crime Expert Sees Mob Connections

G. Robert Blakey, the former chief counsel of the House Assassinations Committee and an expert on organized crime, advocates the theory that there was a conspiracy behind the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The following is an excerpt of ABCNEWS' interview with Blakey:

ABCNEWS: Let me ask you: 40 years after the fact and 25 years after your investigation, who killed John F. Kennedy?

Blakey: Lee Harvey Oswald killed John Kennedy. Two shots from behind. The evidence is simply overwhelming. You have to be lacking in judgment and experience in dealing with the evidence to think that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy. That's really not the problem. The problem is: Was there something beyond Lee Harvey Oswald? And now what you do is you look at the evidence.

ABCNEWS: How many shots were fired at Dealey Plaza?

Blakey: What we did is determine that there were in fact four shots. Our scientists looked at a tape we found, and they did a scientific analysis of it, and it indicated four shots in the plaza, three from the depository and one from the grassy knoll. That meant there were two shooters in the plaza, two shooters in the plaza equal a conspiracy.

The first shot from the depository by Lee Harvey Oswald missed. The second shot about 1.6 seconds later, hit the president in the back of the neck. [The bullet exited Kennedy and] hit John Connally. It hit his wrist, hit his leg. Now six seconds from the second shot, we think a shot came from the grassy knoll. It missed the president. The shot from the grassy knoll missed. The X-rays, the autopsy, all of that indicates the president was not hit by a shot from any other direction. Seven-tenths of a second after that, the third shot, fourth in the row, third shot from the depository, hits the president right in the back of the head.

The shot from the grassy knoll is not only supported by the acoustics, which is a tape that we found of a police motorcycle broadcast back to the district station. It is corroborated by eyewitness testimony in the plaza. There were 20 people, at least, who heard a shot from the grassy knoll.

Bill and Gail Newman, a young couple, were standing on the grassy knoll. You can go back and look at the film clips. He was a Korean War veteran. He heard a shot come in over his head. He knew what shots were. He heard firecrackers off to his left, which was where was the depository was. He heard a shot come in over his head which is from the grassy knoll, and what did he do? He pushed his wife to the ground and fell on her to protect her. Is that credible testimony of a shot from the grassy knoll? Yes.

Two cars behind the president in the motorcade is Special Agent Paul Winns, Secret Service, in a position. Trained, he hears shots from two directions. Behind him, which would be the depository. And to his front right, garden area which is the grassy knoll.

A man was standing on the railroad underpass named S. M. Holland. He hears four shots. The first one misses, the second one hits Connally, Kennedy and Connally. Space, he hears a fourth shot from the grassy knoll. He sees a puff of smoke over by the fence exactly where the acoustics says it was.

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