Low-Calorie Diet Q+A

A.: Our blood sugar is on the low side in the 80s or 90s after meals and in the 70s after fasting overnight. Note that because our bodies have adapted to these lowered glucose levels we rarely have the low blood sugar feelings that many people experience. We select foods that are low-glycemic choices like salmon, nonfat yogurt, steamed sweet potatoes, and cauliflower that provide a slow steady source of glucose when digested. We avoid foods like white potatoes that provide a rapid influx of glucose into the bloodstream. For a thorough list of foods and their glycemic ratings as well as in-depth info on this subject, log on to David Mendosa's Web site (http://www.mendosa.com/). This definitely is working for us. We feel better in general. We are not losing weight now, though we weigh less than when we started. We take nutritional supplements, trying for a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals at 100% RDA instead of mega-doses. We eat carbs, proteins, and fats for every meal except dinner, when we don't eat concentrated protein. For lunch especially, we are concerned about giving ourselves a protein bias for focus and concentration, so our first lunch course will be something like salmon, or egg whites. We space the courses out so that we can get the effect we want. We are following (in www.Pubmed.gov) the research of Mark P. Mattson at NIA in Bethesda with great interest. His work shows that the body's time away from food may be as important as the reduced amount of food. So we are timing our meals so that we have 17 hours between our last meal of the day and breakfast. This is relevant to the present question because we continue to work productively during that period, so my guess is that our bodies are processing food and specifically glucose differently from yours. That may not be very helpful, but I think that all the calorie restrictors I know have designed different programs -- ones that work for them individually.

To that very point, some of the testing that has been most helpful to us is MetaMetrix's ION (Individualized Optimal Nutrition) Profile: http://www.metametrix.com/Testing%20Services/Special%20Profiles/ION/

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