Responses from Baby Boomers About 'World News Tonight' Series

Melanie from Pleasanton, Calif.: I'm 53 and fabulous, but let's face it - my skin ain't what it used to be (smooth and firm), and my pores...? Well, spackle has more than one use in our house. Why am I limited to foundations that do nothing but enhance every line and wrinkle? Add the face powder and you've got something that vaguely resembles the surface of the moon. And does everything HAVE to have sparkle in it? I have enough glow from within ... I don't need to look like a one-expression face-lift. We boomers need something that evens out the skin without clogging it up, right? There's nothing out there now, despite all their promises, that helps aging skin. If there is, I sure haven't seen it. Clothes. My legs may be a size 8, but my tummy isn't. How about a pair of jeans that flatter what you have, but still accommodate what the years have ... ahem ... added. Is that too much to ask? I'm pretty sure the baggy-leg look is out. How can I (affordably) look like Diane and Robin (short of a face-lift, tummy tuck, liposuction ... hey, whatever happened to your makeover show? That's exactly what I need :^) I don't want to look like a 50-something trying to look like a 30-something, but I DO want to look as good (and as young) as I feel.

Diane from Lutherville, Md.: I will be 56 this June. I have three daughters under the age of 30, so they are constantly telling me I should dress more like my age, but whenever I look for clothes, I look around at who is shopping in the department beside me for the clothes that fit and most of the women are white haired and appear to be in their 70s, which is pretty discouraging. Or I look at the clothes when I'm shopping with my daughters and think there is no way I am going to try to be that woman who dresses as if she thinks she is 20! Then my daughters will purchase cosmetics that they love and they tell me to use or purchase them as well and they make me look older, if anything. Too heavy on the eyes, too bright on the lips ... it's nearly impossible to find something that makes me look my age, but with a sparkle, or a fresh look. And it seems as if this situation has really escalated in the last year or so. I try to eat right, exercise and take care of myself, but I just hate when I look what I consider dowdy. I can certainly use a pick-me-up in both clothing and makeup, but is there anything out there? Thanks for your consideration.

Karen from Phoenix, Ariz.: What a concept!!! I would love to have cosmetics & fashions that were age appropriate. I just turned 59, am still in the workforce & need a professional look that is age appropriate. It is almost impossible to find. I feel like the sense of style I used to have when I was younger has gotten lost somewhere along the way. I don't want to look like my 30 something daughter nor do I want to look matronly. Help!!!!

Daphne Rose from Pittsburgh, Pa.: There is nothing wrong with being 50. I know because that's how old I am and there is nothing wrong with me. Yet every cosmetics company on the planet wants me to wish I was 30 again (an age, I assure you, I would not want to repeat). I like being 50. But I don't want to wear bright sparkly eye shadow or extend my eyelashes out to Jupiter. I just want to be the most fab me I can be. Why can't I find cosmetics designed for someone my age? Thanks for doing this article - it's very well timed.

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