Evolution of Scary Movies

Right now, Abosch is shooting "Negative Space," a psychological horror thriller about the mind of a serial killer. Scaring people, Abosch said, can be fun.

"It forces the audience to confront a side of them, their shadow side, that they're afraid of. It's a thrill," Abosch said. "It's more like an amusement ride."

"I'm not attracted myself to excessive blood and gore," Abosch said. "What excites me is to really investigate the nature of fear."

Abosch tries to go as dark and deep as possible into the pit of cinematic fear.

"My approach is to instill that sense of fear in the audience members themselves," he said. "So it's not a vicarious fear that somebody on the screen is going to perish, but they themselves might -- in their seat, in the theater."

Most horror movies tend to satisfy formulaic demands of the genre; teenage sex is punished by death, the group of victims will be picked off one at a time, and the pretty girl always goes into the house alone, never to return.

"You don't want to do the same thing they've all seen," Miller said. "Coming up with new ideas and new ways to kill people is always scary. You get a lot of people in a big room, and you pretty much ask the question, 'How do we kill people?' And people throw ideas out right and left, and you pick the best ones and go with it."

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