Woodruff Reports: Soldier's Iraq Tour Extended, Then an IED Hits


Now his plan includes physical therapy and taking things one day at a time. Amelia dropped out of college so she could take care of her husband and navigate the bureaucratic maze of military health care. "It's really frustrating," she said, describing dealing with the paperwork. "It's really complicated, especially for me since I am not in the military."

Despite the challenges, the couple say the experience has strengthened their marriage. "She's been there since day one," he said.

Signs of Improvement

Glass recently finished eight weeks of therapy at the VA Polytrauma Center in Palo Alto, Calif., and last month he flew back to Bethesda for one more surgery to repair his skull. Amelia reported that since the surgery Will has much more energy, and has stopped suffering from the severe headaches that plagued him.

He has certainly come a long way since the first time I met him, when he could not even stand up and had trouble speaking.

He still has difficulty bending his hands and buckling his seat belt, and he will need surgery on his fingers if he ever hopes to return to his dream of restoring cars, but Glass and his family are focused on the future.

"It's easy to get down about what has happened but it's easier to look forward," said Amelia. "And he's got a good future, hopefully."

It certainly looks like it. The couple just adopted a puppy, and are planning on buying a house. And though he does not ignore it, Glass said he no longer follows the news about Iraq. "I guess I don't really care anymore," he said. "I've just had it with that place."

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