The Amazing Race for Holiday Delivery

The busiest holiday delivery day leaves many questioning just how fast can you ship?
2:00 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for The Amazing Race for Holiday Delivery
And today is the biggest shipping day of the year. 28 million packages are tearing across the country right now, with ups, more than 300 every second. And there is a big, new race under way. Companies promising to deliver your orders faster and faster. The giant company ebay saying they can get a package to you within an hour after your order. So, abc's ron claiborne took out the clock and put them to the test. Reporter: It's the season to shop later, and get what you buy haster tn ever. Next day delivery? How about same day delivery? That's what some big retailers like walmart and amazon are doing this year. We are in an arms race for speed today. We want santa on steroids. Reporter: But the new extreme in fastest? Delivery in one hour. This holiday season, ebay is touting that right now, for just $5, you can get your purchase in 60 minutes or less. So far, they're testing it in two cities -- new york and san francisco. For retailers, time really is money. Shipping later means being able to sell more goods. Shipping faster breeds loyal customers. Emotional benefit. Getting it fast is a present itself. Reporter: Christmas is next week. But can they deliver. We decided to put it to the test. They're telling me I can get this at macy's for $28. I place myrder at 1:30 in the afternoo for an l.A. Dodgers t-shirt. They're showing on here it's going to come from macy's down on 34th street. Hi, my name is brandan. I'm calling from ebay now. Reporter: Brandan was dispatched to get my gift. At 2:03 p.M., Bad news. They do not have any baseball shirts in stock. Brooklyn nets shirt -- Reporter: Perfect, perfect. And at 2:40, brandan arrives. Not quite within the hour, but close. Call it the gift that keeps on giving -- brooklyn nets -- faster and faster. york. And still ahead here on

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{"id":18031213,"title":"The Amazing Race for Holiday Delivery","duration":"2:00","description":"The busiest holiday delivery day leaves many questioning just how fast can you ship?","url":"/WNT/video/amazing-race-holiday-delivery-18031213","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}