Americans across the country share their holiday baking traditions

Massachusetts nuns make 50,000 boxes of chocolate-covered toffee to support monastery.
2:07 | 12/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Americans across the country share their holiday baking traditions
Our made in America Christmas. Every year, we ask you for your one thing. A gift made in America. Hi, David. Reporter: For years now, you've been sending your ideas. Your one thing. Hi, David. Reporter: Gifts made in America. Your ideas for the rest of us. I just finished baking a batch of cookies on my usa ban cookie sheet. Hey, David. Reporter: Melissa parker from Sarr Sosa, sending us photos of her family's Christmas tradition, point set thats grown in Florida. The family photographed here. A yearly Christmas tradition. Mason growing up as those point set thats grow, too. We've been doing it since he was born, now he's five years old. Reporter: And then to Worcester, Massachusetts. Made in America! Reporter: Founded in 1924, still family owned. 300 workers baking 4 million of their signature pies a week. The Santiago family with their review. These are the best pies. Reporter: And then, Laura Daugherty. It wouldn't be Christmas without candy canes. Her one thing? And her message from Cincinnati tonight. These made in America candy canes from dozier's candies. Reporter: Newtown, Ohio, since 1971. 12 workers making 1 million candy canes for Christmas. We are making somethinghat brings families together during the holidays. Reporter: The same recipe in those copper kettles. Made in America! Reporter: And finally tonight, in wrentham, Massachusetts, divine desserts. From the sisters of mt. Stchlt M. Ma marery's abbey. Making 50,000 boxes of chocolate cover toffee with hazel nuts. It's been very beautiful to see there are people that love each other and care about each other very much and I get to see that every day. It makes it a special Christmas gift. It's something that carries an S essence, not just a candy. Reporter: Packing every box with those three words, and a prayer. Made in America, with love and prayers. Send us your videos, your gift ideas, made in America on our Facebook page. Good night.

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{"id":51800834,"title":"Americans across the country share their holiday baking traditions","duration":"2:07","description":"Massachusetts nuns make 50,000 boxes of chocolate-covered toffee to support monastery. ","url":"/WNT/video/americans-country-share-holiday-baking-traditions-51800834","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}