Deadly flash flood in Arizona claims the lives of 9 family members

Search efforts continue for missing father Hector Garnica.
2:42 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Deadly flash flood in Arizona claims the lives of 9 family members
We turn now to the devastating moment. A family of non was swept away in a flash flood in Arizona. There was a warning, but in there remote spot, they did not hear it. ABC's Kevin Moton. Reporter: Tonight, in the air and on the ground, an urgent search for a missing father. All looking for Hector. His wife, MARIA, their three children and five other members of their extended family did not survive. The youngest, just 2 years old. I can't begin to tell you how I feel for this family. I mean, the age of these kids were 2 years old, 5 years old, 3 years old. It's heartbreaking. Holy mackerel. Reporter: A bystander capturing the rush of water as the family celebrated MARIA's birthday. These people almost got hit. Reporter: Then she spots someone in a tree. Trying to rescue this guy and his 1 month-year-old baby. The mom is in the water. Reporter: The water roaring. Rescuers on the scene, saving four others. That wall of water swept away everything in its path carrying trees, mud and a lot of rocks. And it was moving fast, more than 30 miles per hour. All of it caused by just an inch and a half of rain. That mixture of ash and logs left behind by the highline fire, burning more than 7,000 acres in June. And Kenneth Moton joins us tonight, and the difficult thing here is there was a warning, but no way for them to hear it? Reporter: That's right. The national weather service issued a flood warning about an hour and a half before the flood hit, but there's no cell phone service in that area, so a radio like this one, or alerts on their phones, the family didn't know the wall of water was coming. David? Take those radios when you head out into the wilderness. Thank you and welcome to the team. In the meantime, there are flood watches in the west at this hour, and severe storms building in the east. Let's get to ginger zee live you along the westside highway for us. Ginger? Reporter: We have already seen 2 inches in just 30 minutes south of Tucson. That flooding is on, from las Vegas to Tucson. That tropical moisture from the gulf of Mexico and the pacific converging there. It will be with us for a few months. Something to note tonight. Also damaging winds possible. 60 plus miles per hour from parts of the northern plains and you can see 2 inches in Pennsylvania already today. All those red boxes, flash flood warnings and the excessive heat warning for St. Louis and Kansas City. Midweek is the worst, David. We'll see you in the morning, ginger. Thank you.

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{"id":48690094,"title":"Deadly flash flood in Arizona claims the lives of 9 family members","duration":"2:42","description":"Search efforts continue for missing father Hector Garnica.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-flash-flood-arizona-claims-lives-family-members-48690094","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}