A father cycled 1,400 miles for a cause

Bill Conner rode with a mission to bring awareness to organ donation in honor of his dead daughter, and was surprised by her heart recipient.
2:49 | 06/23/17

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Transcript for A father cycled 1,400 miles for a cause
Finally tonight here, a father who rode his bike 1,400 miles, fueled by his love for his daughter. And when he got there, a moment that was truly extraordinary. And the sound he heard that made the entire trip worth it. Tonight, right here, meet our "Person of the week." Bill conner is a father on a mission. He started in Madison, Wisconsin, in may, and he's been riding his bike ever since. He is doing it to honor his late daughter, abbey who he lost suddenly when she was 20 years old in a tragic drowning. In that moment, the family made a difficult choice. Abbey's organs were donated. She loved everybody. If you were her friend, you were lucky. She loved to laugh, and she's a hugger. And that's one of the things that I've been doing along the ride. Reporter: Her father setting off on a 2,000-mile journey to bring awareness to organ donation. Along the way, he's discovered the kindness of strangers. Taking selfies with people who have given him so much. From the day that I've left to where I'm at today, the amount of people, strangers, that have gone out of their way to take me in, give me shelter, a meal and a shower has just been unbelievable. Reporter: But it was his stop 1,400 miles in, arriving in Baton Rouge that left him speechless. This is jack, 21 years old, he was given abbey's heart. That father, bill, couldn't let go. And jack, grateful for his daughter's heart. And then, jack walks up to him, saying happy father's day. Happy father's day. Oh. Reporter: He gives bill a stethoscope. He's about to hear his daughter's heart. There it goes. The beauty of that was is that there were two fathers that were able to celebrate father's day, because jack's alive, and, of course, I'm there, and abbey's alive. She's alive, to me, she's alive inside of jack. It's not about how many cars you have or homes you have or how much money, I mean, to give somebody life, even in a tragedy like this, you're ae to give somebody an organ to help them live or live a better life? So, my daughter just, again, set an example for me and I've got to follow it. And that's what I'm trying to do. So, we choose bill conner and all of the families in this country who, during loss, find the strength to help save another life. Thank you for watching here on a Friday night. I'm see you later for "20/20." Until then, good night.

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{"id":48246518,"title":"A father cycled 1,400 miles for a cause","duration":"2:49","description":"Bill Conner rode with a mission to bring awareness to organ donation in honor of his dead daughter, and was surprised by her heart recipient.","url":"/WNT/video/father-cycled-1400-miles-48246518","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}